The UEFA Euro 2020 (2021) tournament is officially underway! After being rescheduled and restructured due to Covid, the championship has soccer—sorry, football!—fans from Europe and around the world glued to their TVs for the next month. Now that travel is allowed again, people from all 51 European countries will be gathering for the celebration. Filling the 11 host towns and cheering on their national teams. If you are passionate about foreign languages and sports, this is a great opportunity to practice your French, German, Spanish, Italian, or another European language! And that’s why, for this special occasion, we’ve created a conversation phrasebook fully dedicated to the 2020-2021 Euros.

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UEFA Euro 2020-2021 Conversation Guide

Sports vocabulary is rather particular, so it’s probably not the first thing you tend to prioritize when learning a new foreign language. But if you know anything about MosaLingua, you know that we always tell you to learn the vocabulary that will be most useful for your purposes. And right now, if you’re a sports fan, your main focus for the next month will be the Euros!

Conversation Survival Guide Euro 2020-2021 PhrasebookSo, we decided to help you out by making a conversation phrasebook solely about soccer. It includes all of the words, phrases, and expressions you need to know to be able to talk about soccer and the 2020-2021 UEFA Euro championship in French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. And most importantly, it’s free!

You’ll be able to chat about soccer with fans from all over the world right away. Improve your language skills and start talking about the sporting event like a native speaker would!

Get started today—download our free conversation survival guide right here:

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Whether you’ll be cheering on “Les Bleus,” “Die Mannschaft,” the “Squadra Azzurra,” or “La Furia Roja,” we hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to merge your passion for soccer with your passion for language!

And may the best team win! 😉