Major sporting events like the UEFA Euro tournament (European Football Championship) are great occasions to meet new people from all around the continent—and even the world! Sports have a unique way of bringing people from different backgrounds together around one common interest.

To help you get the most out of this year’s Euros, we prepared a short (and free!) Survival Guide & Conversation Phrasebook. It includes common soccer terms and phrases you can use to comment on the matches. Keep it by your side throughout the next month so that you can have conversations with people from other countries—even if you’re rivals now! 😉

Are you one of the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket to attend a UEFA Euro championship game? Even if you’ll be watching the matches from your couch, chances are that you’ll want to talk about the event! With our guide, you’ll feel comfortable striking up a conversation with tourists, your foreign friends, your language partners, and people you meet at the game or at your favorite sports bar.

Now, learn some football terms and slang in several languages, meet new people, communicate, and have fun. And good luck to your favorite national team!