MosaLingua is proud to announce that our new promo video has been released! We’re very happy because we think it reflects how far we’ve come as a company. It’s been a few years now since we got our start and we’ve added many innovations, new languages and new ways to learn languages.  Please let us know what you think by commenting on the video and make sure to also subscribe! We post new videos every week that are meant to be supplemental to our apps!

Your Personal Language Coach to Learn a Language


Your Personal Language Coach to Learn a Language (MosaLingua App Video)

Your Personal Language Coach to Learn a Language (MosaLingua App Video Transcript)

Frank, he’s learning Spanish to spend 3 weeks in Argentina. Gabriela is polishing her English to land her dream job
at an international company and Daniel is finally realizing his dream to learn Italian and speak with the Italian side of his family. How would you like to have a personal language coach in your pocket, always ready to help and motivate you? It’s time to learn a new lesson! You only need 5 minutes to make progress. Learn the most important vocabulary and useful phrases for your language learning goal in no time. Listen to dialogues to improve your pronunciation and listening skills, get quick results with MosaLingua’s powerful learning method. No matter what your dreams are, no matter what your starting level is, no matter what your age…MosaLingua will help you reach your goals. Meet your personal language coach. Start using MosaLingua now.