MosaLingua Business Solutions

Our business solutions provide modern and completely customized language training for your employees. Following the success of our mobile and web applications for individual language learners (over 2,300,000 downloads to date), we are now introducing unique and innovative solutions – with the same great research-backed learning tools – for businesses.

MosaLingua business solutions

We offer personal and customized solutions for your business’s needs

In analyzing various business’s needs, we have realized that one in particular is currently not being met in the best possible way. This is why we are excited to announce our newest product, a completely customizable solution for your unique business and language learning needs:

  • specialized lexicon (insurance, banking, medical, ironwork, mechanical, chemical…)
  • integration of company’s internal glossaires for even more job-specific vocabulary
  • graphic customization (mobile & web) including the client company’s visual identity
  • personalized dashboard to keep track of user progress

All this, plus the content your employees need in order to successfully conduct business in a foreign language (leading a meeting, answering the telephone, giving a presentation…).

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MosaLingua language training for businesses

Projects we’ve already worked on: custom app solution for Allianz


The goal for our collaboration with Allianz was to provide the company with a mobile solution for testing their employees’ level of English and helping them improve their language skills.

Delphine Réaud, who works in the company’s digitalization department, had already made great progress on her own with our apps (home version). She was so impressed with our language learning system that she approached MosaLingua for help developing an app specific to her company.

After determining Allianz’s needs, we created a custom application for the company, including:

  • the client’s visual identity and logo
  • activities to help employees in her company learn to communicate and work more efficiently in English
  • vocabulary specific to the insurance sector (word and phrase choice as well as recordings performed by native speakers)

We also created iPhone/iPad and Android versions in response to two common problems businesses today face: a user base relying on multiple mobile operating systems and the use of both personal and professional mobile phones/tablets.

The result: a personalized mobile app that Allianz decided to name “English from A to Z.”

The app is available to Allianz employees on the Google Play (Android) and iTunes (iOS), requiring a password for download.

If you’d like us to perform an analysis in order to determine how we can best serve your business’s language training needs with a custom solution, click the link below. Our B2B team will be happy to help!

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