How to Learn Portuguese Quickly

Portuguese is one of the languages that makes people love to travel. On this page you will find all the necessary resources as well as five unstoppable tricks to learn Portuguese quickly. Because, it is indeed possible, we promise you!

How to Learn Portuguese Quickly

Brazil Portuguese VS Portugal Portuguese

You will quickly realize that we are talking about the Portuguese of Brazil. Why ? In fact, the Portuguese of Brazil have a strong accent; a singing accent, a rhythmic accent. From experience, I can tell you that learning Portuguese from Brazil, with this strong accent, will still allow you to understand Portuguese Portuguese, which is more neutral as the two “languages” use the same structure and that there are no big differences in vocabulary. While, on the contrary, if you learn, the Portuguese of Portugal, you will find it more difficult to understand Brazilian Portuguese. This is a choice we made to make it easier for you to understand the language. Whether you are in Brazil or Portugal.

What Will You Find on This Page?

Our 5 tips to boost your learning of Portuguese ^^

Tip # 1: listen to Brazilian music  ^^

Brazilian music is listened to throughout the world. Why? Brazilian music is particularly rich and enjoys a great diversity: samba, bossa nova, forro, musica sertaneja, jazz, rock, funk carioca, etc. Whether you like rhythmic or slower sounds, poetic lyrics or songs about everyday life … You will surely find your happiness in the wide range of Brazilian music.

Result: our first tip to quickly learn Portuguese, Brazil, is to listen to Brazilian music, preferably every day. And when we say “listen”, we really mean taking the time to listen, and not necessarily putting it as background music (although we don’t discourage you from doing this as well, as it will help you accustom your ear to the language), but listening to lyrics helps improve oral comprehension, enrich vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and understand the structuring of the language. You did not think music could bring you that much, did you? ?

It’s easy to find songs with lyrics on YouTube. Just type the name of a song you like + lyrics. You can also go to the site Letras which groups many song lyrics.

Tip # 2: watching Brazilian series^

Cidade dos homens, une série à découvrir pour apprendre le portugais rapidementAfter singing and dancing, you should take a little rest … before putting on a Brazilian series. That way you’ll stay in a Brazilian bubble, which is perfect to get used to the language and to learn Portuguese quickly. Watching a series will also help you familiarize your ear with the Brazilian accent. This will also allow you to improve your listening comprehension, pronunciation, and enrich your vocabulary.

A little trick: of course, if you start, you can watch these series with subtitles in English. That said, to also work your written comprehension, you can accompany these subtitle videos in Portuguese. You enrich your vocabulary … with written support. And when you feel ready, you can watch without the subtitles.

Of course, if you you’d rather watch movies, we offer here a selection of the best Brazilian films to learn Portuguese quickly.

Tip # 3: Learn Whole Sentences^

To go faster in your learning, a trick is to not learn only vocabulary words, but to also learn full sentences. Sentences so you can stand out in conversations. When we learn any language, we always begin by learning very simple phrases such as “My name is Henri”, “I live in New York”, “I have a dog”. The idea is obviously to learn these sentences in Portuguese, then to go even further by learning more complex sentences that you can reuse. Examples ?

If you are planning to go on a trip to Brazil for example, you can learn complete phrases such as “I would like to book a room for two people”> “Gostaria de reservar um quarto para duas pessoas” or “Where is the closest beach?” > “Onde é a praia but proxima?“. This saves you a lot of time as you go to the basics. Moreover, you do not need to emphasis learning conjugation or grammar rules (although important in the end). You just learn phrases that you are sure you can use in a suitable context.

Of course, viewing Portuguese series or listening to music will help you to learn (at least to recognize at first) complete sentences in Portuguese. But we also advise you to download our Learn Portuguese  MosaLingua app  (presented below) which offers you a selection of phrases among the most useful and most used in Portuguese.

You can also download our free Brazilian Portuguese conversation guide for free. It will help you hold your first conversations in Portuguese. We even have a special conversation guide to the Olympics in Rio! Even if the event is already over, you can always find vocabulary related to tourism, useful (and free).

In this video, Alizah gives you some good tips to practice the language (and use your sentences in Portuguese) without leaving your home …

You will find many other tips to boost your language learning on our MosaLingua YouTube channel. To not miss any of these tricks, do not forget to subscribe to our channel.

Tip 4: Use the Chrome extension to immerse yourself in Portuguese^

There is a Chrome extension that is very useful and effective to immerse yourself in a language. It is called Language Immersion for Chrome. The idea is simple: depending on your settings, the extension will display words in a text, article or website that you visit, in Portuguese. This extension is particularly effective on a daily basis to help you learn vocabulary but also to practice your learning.

Language immersion pour apprendre le portugais rapidement

Tip # 5: Be Regular^

Regularity is essential if you want to make progress. And yes, the idea is not to learn a sentence and a few words, then hope to be able to be fluent one day. So, for these phrases and vocabulary words to integrate into  your memory in the long term, it is essential to learn them and then review them regularly. To learn more about this, do not hesitate to take a look at our article on the system of spaced repetition. Think about it, this is our last tip: to learn Portuguese quickly, it is essential to learn a little bit every day.

All Our Resources to Learn Portuguese Quickly^

In this second part, we will provide you with a set of resources to help you learn Portuguese quickly. You will find links to our best articles on the subject and free access to our resources page. Finally you will find a presentation of our application to learn Portuguese. Let’s go!

Our free resources page to learn Portuguese^

We have put together on a special page all the best resources to learn Portuguese. What is it exactly?

In fact, when we talk about resources, we are talking about tools that will help you make some progress in one way or another. Some will help you work on your written comprehension, others your listening comprehension. Some your written expression and finally others your speaking skills. These tools take different forms here. They can be websites, dictionaries, YouTube channels or TV channels, correspondence sites or applications. To access all these free tools, go to our resources page.


Our Articles About Portuguese^

Our Learn Portuguese MosaLingua App^


We will finish with one last tip to learn Portuguese quickly: download our app– MosaLingua Learn Portuguese. This application helps you learn Portuguese from Brazil. To do this, it provides more than 3,600 word and phrase cards in Portuguese. Then it allows you to memorize them in the long term thanks to the system of spaced repetition, presented above.

To learn Portuguese quickly, this app offers dialogues, both audio and written. They will help you enrich your vocabulary on many topics. As you progress, you will be able to win over 200 bonus cards, and take advantage of many learning tips. Through our application, you will see that you will enrich your vocabulary considerably. But you will also discover the essential rules of grammar and conjugation. So, we count on you to join the MosaLingua community of those who learn Portuguese;)