Resources to Learn German


On this page, you’ll find our list of the best online resources you can use to learn German. As you’ll see in the table of contents, we’ve classified the different sites based on their method. Just click on one of the links below to jump to that particular section. Happy learning!

Suggested Resources to Learn German:

General Studies (online courses, blogs, etc…)^^


Our training “How to learn any language”

This course teaches you the “turnkey” method to finally learn to speak fluently in any language (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian …) You will be able to benefit from the secrets of the polyglots, the techniques of the most effective learning and resources to learn without spending too much time and having fun, do not miss it!

BBC Learn German
The BBC offers numerous modules for learning the basics of German. They are comprehensive and, most importantly, practical!

A well-known language school organisation with more than 30 years of experience. They offer courses to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Arabic in 30 different countries.

Our Free German Phrasebook
This guide, which contains over 1,000 vocabulary words and phrases, is a gift from MosaLingua in order to help you express yourself and travel to the fullest while in Germany.

Language Learning Foundations
In this video course, the British polyglot Olly Richards explains “the exact techniques and routines you need to learn a new language and start speaking fluently”. The course consists of 10 modules focusing on the most important topics to learn any language on your own and get quick results.
The course is based on the method Olly has developed for himself to learn 7 foreign languages (Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Cantonese, Arabic) and you can use it to learn any language (German included).

MosaLingua Web

Discover the new way of becoming fluent in a language in a fast, efficient and simple manner with MosaLingua Web. It’s not just a desktop version of our popular language learning apps, but is also a complete platform with lots of great and entertaining resources to learn your intended language (ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, videos and much more!). Learn German with us and for a limited time, you can try out MosaLingua Web to see if its the right solution for you by using our introductory offer to access all content and languages!


Speaking and Pronunciation^^


Forvo German
Forvo is another practical website which plays recordings directly from its users. After you come across a new word or phrase, simply type it into the search field and listen to its subsequent pronunciation. Since the site has many users, you will be able to listen to various speakers and dialects for your chosen word.

The Best Sites for Finding a Language Partner
Palabea, Italki, xLingo, SharedTalk, Conversation Exchange, there are a lot of sites that offer you the opportunity to practice German with others, and we’ve tried most of them! In this article, we elaborated on some of the best.


Audio & Video^^



resources-to-learn-german-mosalinguaThe Best Podcasts for Learning German
We recently examined some of the best podcasts for learning and practicing German.



Yabla helps you learn German through all types of videos: TV shows, musicals, plays, interviews, education and more. It’s great practice because not only do you watch a video on a topic you like, but you can read the subtitles, find the translation for words you don’t understand, rewatch a scene and control the talking speed. Give it a shot!

Deutsch Online Lernen
This is a YouTube channel which has uploaded numerous videos for learning German. It’s well done, and the speaking pace is decent.

Movies and Series^^


The Best Movies to Movies for Learning German
In this article, we cover some great German movies to watch (with the subtitles if you must).



TV Stations^^


ARD – Das Erste Deutsche Fernsehen
ARD is the first German television station. In case you’re wondering, the abbreviation ARD stands for « Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands », which can be translated as the Consortium of public broadcasters in Germany.

ZDF – Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
ZDF is another popular public broadcasting company in Germany


Reading and Writing^^




Why German is easy
In this e-book, the famous polyglot Benny Lewis reveals not only why learning German can be easier than other languages but also several techniques, ideas, ressources and hacks to become fluent in German in a very short time. Benny has learned several languages himself and he’s a great motivator to help you achieve results faster.
And if you are learning several languages, you can also get a bundle with all his ebooks.

Make words stick
A very useful guide to help you build a method to memorize vocabulary more efficiently and quickly. This e-book is written by the famous polyglot Olly Richards who has used flashcards and the Spaced Repetition System to learn his 7 languages. Useful to learn any language, German included.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is an amazing website which offers 46,00 free ebooks. They have books in multiple languages, German being one of them!



Magazines and Journals^^


The most read daily paper in Germany, Bild-Zeitung is a tabloid featuring scandals, crimes, affairs and politics. It’s sold to over 2.9 million people each day.

Die Süddeutsche ZeitungA national paper with a liberal lean, which is the second most popular paper in Germany.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)
A little more towards the center, FAZ is a daily newspaper which sells about 360,000 copies a day.

Die WeltAnother common daily paper selling about 190,000 copies a day.

Die Tageszeitung (TAZ)
A well known liberal paper, the Tageszeitung simply translates to the daily paper.




MosaLingua German
Have you tried our German app yet? It will teach you 3,000 words and phrases in record time, and thanks to the MOSA Learning Method, these words will remain in your long-term memory.  The app contains lessons, dialogues and bonus content to help you become fluent in German.