German is one of the most useful foreign languages for a francophone. It is the most useful language to learn after English. Unfortunately, it is also reputed to be one of the most difficult languages to learn … This can discourage some. The proper learning of a language depends on three essential elements:

1. Method

2. Motivation

3. Organization.

These three are essential components from the beginning of your learning in order to progress. Do you want to know how to learn German quickly? You will find on this page all our tips and best advice to organize your learning in the best way possible.

How to learn German Quickly

How to Learn German Quickly

What Will You Find on This Page?

Our Tips For Learning German

Tip #1 : Learn Complete Phrases

Although very useful, German is known to be a difficult language to learn. This comes probably from the complexity of its grammar and its (huge) difference from English.  One of the best tips on how to learn German quickly is to simply learn ready-made phrases. The idea is not to focus solely on how to learn German quickly when it comes tovocabulary, but also to learn useful sentences in everyday life to help you on a trip, at work or at school.

How do you find complete sentences in German? To answer this question, I can only advise you to go straight to Tips # 3 and # 4. Watching subtitled movies or reading the newspapers will allow you to quickly find useful phrases to know.

You can also find many phrases in our MosaLingua Learn German app. It offers you a selection of the most useful and used phrases, in specific situations. It is also important to keep in mind that if it is good to learn a sentence in German, it is also essential to learn in which context to use it so you can use it at appropriate times.

Tip #2 : Do not focus on grammar

As we said, German grammar is not the easiest to learn. So our second tip is to simply forget about it … for the first few months of learning at least. By focusing only on the words and especially the sentences that are essential, you will go about it in the simplest and most useful way. It is only after a few weeks or months of learning that you can take an interest in the grammar. When you feel the need for it. Yes, we take a rather pragmatic approach to grammar. (Once you do start diving in, check out our German grammar guide for help.)

Tip #3 : Watch Movies in German

Apprendre l'allemand rapidement en regardant de bons filmsGerman culture has a lot of good movies. Among them, for example is Goodbye, Lenin! Or La Chute. To discover more, you can also take a look at our article about the best German movies.

Watching movies in German will allow you to both use your ear for the language, and thus improve your understanding, and enrich your German vocabulary. When you watch a film, you are above all happy (at least for movie lovers), and as we often repeat: it is essential to have fun when learning a new language because it allows you to always stay motivated.



Tip #4 : Read the Newspapers in German

Following German news is a good way to glean some useful, often used phrases in that language. It is advisable to orientate oneself towards major national newspapers in order not to fall into too complex of subjects. Bild for example is one of the most widely read newspapers in Germany. If you do not know how to pronounce a word or phrase, you can accompany your reading on, which allows you to obtain the audio pronunciation of a word or phrase, in German and any other language.

To access more resources, you are also advised to check out NewsMap and newspaper map sites, which include all the newspapers of the world. It is up to you to choose the most understandable German newspapers, and which interest you on how to learn German quickly.

Tip #5 : Review 10 to 15 Minutes Per Day

Finally, if it is important to learn vocabulary words and phrases, it is especially essential to review what you have learned on a regular basis. For German, you are advised to review between 10 and 15 minutes per day. It’s not too long, so you will not fall into monotony. And 10 minutes daily are enough to properly integrate the language into your long-term memory.

In this regard, take a look at this small video recap on the importance of regularity in learning a language.:

Our Resources to Help You Learn German Online

Our site is full of useful resources to help you on how to learn German quickly. In the next section, find all the resources necessary for your learning path.

Cedric’s YouTube video that unveils some handy tricks…

In this video, Cédric reveals 5 additional tips to quickly make progress in German. Yes, this page is filled with good tips on how to learn German quickly and for free.

Our free guide to the best resources in German

To help you in your learning and make it a bit more fun, we have created a free, comprehensive guide that provides you with all the best resources on the web to learn German. YouTube channels, websites, TV and radio channels, as well as very good German newspapers, can be found in this guide.

Our Free Guide to the Best Resources in German

To help you in your learning and make it a bit more fun, we have created a free, comprehensive guide that provides you with all the best resources on the web to learn German. YouTube channels, websites, TV and radio channels, as well as very good German newspapers, can be found in this guide.

How to learn German quickly

All Our Articles on the Subject

To go further in your learning, you can also take a look at our other articles on the subject. You will find lots of tips, tricks and other useful articles to help you progress (and most of all’ enjoy yourself) in German.

Our articles to accustom your ear to the German language:

How can our MosaLingua app help you learn German?

how-to-learn-german-quickly-mosalinguaHere is a last tip before you leave: do not forget to download our MosaLingua app to Learn German. This app will allow you to improve both your listening, your learning comprehension, your written comprehension and to improve your pronunciation.

You will find about 3,000 different vocabulary words as well as simple and more complex sentences in German. These will allow you to discover the spelling of the words, the correct structuring of the sentences, and the correct German pronunciation. Our German MosaLingua app also includes 17 dialogues drawn from everyday situations, during travel or in everyday life, that you can be easily used.

After practicing all these good tricks, you will wonder who might have said one day that German was a language that is difficult to learn.