How to Find Conversation Partners? The Best Language Exchange Sites

Finding conversation partners is one of the most effective ways to practice a language for free to improve your language skills. Indeed, the biggest problem for those learning a language at school or who are self-taught is how to practice it and speak it orally. It is indeed not easy to practice … [Read more...]

7 Original Methods to Learn a Language (Video)

To have any hope at all of learning a language, you need to keep your motivation level high! And mixing up your learning activities is the key to staying motivated. You can alternate between movies and podcasts, online courses, vocabulary exercises, and more.7 Original Methods to Learn a … [Read more...]

Speaking English is FUN!

Hi there! This is Cedric from MosaLingua. In today's video, I will talk about why it is important to speak as soon as possible when learning English. Ok, you might think it sounds a bit scary but with a bit of preparation, it's quite the opposite.We'll discover it's actually a good fun. Let me tell … [Read more...]

Irregular Verbs in Italian | Italian Grammar Hacks (Video)

Hi, this is Mara from MosaLingua! Welcome to our grammar hacks series on how to learn Italian quickly. I already talked to you about verbs in a previous video lesson. We learned about regular verbs and the present tense. Today I’m going to give you some tips for memorizing irregular Italian … [Read more...]

How to Read a Book in a Foreign Language (Video)

Hi there! This is Cedric from MosaLingua. I hope you're doing well! In today's video,  I will share my advice on how to start reading a book in a foreign language. Let's go! How to Read a Book in a Foreign LanguageHow to Read a Book in a Foreign Language (Video)How to Read a Book in a … [Read more...]

Interview of Sophia, a MosaLingua Medical English User

Medical English MosaLingua Review Interview A while back, we received a message from Sophia who was using the Medical English app asking us about therapy themed vocabulary in the app.  She seemed to be using the app a lot and so we asked her how she would feel about doing a Medical English … [Read more...]

At, On, In — Which Preposition of Location to Use? (Video)

Check out this latest video by Abbe to show you a very useful English grammar hack. This one focuses on prepositions which give most language learners difficulty, no matter what language they're learning. The three  prepositions we will focus on today are prepositions of location: at, on and … [Read more...]

How to Learn Irregular Verbs (Video)

Hello everyone! This is Abbe from MosaLingua. In today's video, I will talk about a very important element of English grammar: Irregular Verbs. Learning these will definitely help you speak better English, and today I'm going to explain how to learn them the easy way.The irregular verbs are … [Read more...]

The Chain Technique | Language Learning Methods (Video)

Hi, I'm Luca from MosaLingua! Today I want to share a very effective learning technique for making sure that you don't give up on your language learning goals,  and that you make good progress in the long term. This method is called "The Chain Technique". This technique is very simple but efficient, … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Traveling Abroad (Video)

You’ll often hear about the best destinations, hotels, restaurants or museums to visit when you travel to a new city…often ends up being how you manage to create an experience of self-learning and cultural exchange. A memorable trip depends on what you make of it.We’ll be giving you 5 tips to … [Read more...]