Is Russian Hard? An Honest Look at a Mysterious Language

Is Russian hard? Three little words, with such vast meaning, and such a complex answer. If you're looking for a simple "yes" or a "no," I'm sorry to say that this might not be the article for you. However, I will say that we don't believe that Russian is THE most difficult language to learn. (Find … [Read more...]

Tips to Learn Russian You Can Actually Use

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Interview With Lydia Machova on the Biggest Language Learning Mistake (Video)

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Bon Appétit! The Foods You NEED to Try in France

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Fluent in Three Months’ Review of MosaLingua

Benny Lewis is a self-titled fun-loving Irish guy. Not only does he travel the world full time as a best selling author, but he also is fluent in speaking seven languages. He is the founder of Fluent in Three Months, a website and book dedicated to helping people learn a language by not being scared … [Read more...]

10 Popular Spanish Slang Words to Sounds More Native Like

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English to Russian: How Great are the Linguistic Differences Between these Two Languages?

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Interview with Gabriel Gelman: Learning Two Similar Languages at the Same Time, Polyglot Gathering ’17 (Video)

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Italian Slang Words to Speak like a Native (Video)

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