French Children’s Books for the Whole Family

Reading is one of the fundamental skills for learning a foreign language. And French children's books are a great place to start when teaching your kids, or learning as a family. We explain why kids books are so helpful, and suggest a few of our favorites to get you started. Bonne lecture! French … [Read more...]

Learn a Language Through Online News Media

There is a multitude of ways to learn a language from reading a grammar book to listening to the radio. However, none is quite as informative and effective at learning a language as reading the news.You may think that finding newspapers in a different language is extremely tricky, but this is … [Read more...]

How to Ace the TOEFL Reading Section

The TOEFL Reading section consists of several series of questions that are based on passages, each one around 700 words in length. This section can last from 60 to 100 minutes. It covers passages that resemble the type of material that may be found in a textbook for an undergraduate university … [Read more...]

How to Succeed on the TOEIC Reading Section

The TOEIC reading section consists of four parts: incomplete sentences, error recognition, reading comprehension and text completion. In our list below, we've outlined some of the best tips our researchers have found for taking and studying for the TOEIC's reading section. If you following these … [Read more...]

The Best Books to Read to Improve Your Spanish, French, and German

Following our previous article explaining the language-learning method of reading foreign-language books in their original version, we’re listing—as promised—our recommendations for original-version's of the best books to read.You can choose books based on language, subject matter, and/or … [Read more...]

How Reading Helps You Improve Your Foreign Language Skills

How can you learn to write well? How can you enrich your vocabulary? How can you improve your ability to express ideas and concepts? How can you improve your language skills while having fun and enjoying yourself at the same time?If you want to improve your foreign language skills, the best … [Read more...]