Resources to Learn French



online resources for learning French. The different sites are broken down into categories for easier browsing. Simply click on one of the main links (like “podcasts”) to view numerous resources. Happy Learning!

Suggested Resources for Learning French:


General Learning (online courses, general sites, blogs…)^


Our training “How to learn any language”

This course teaches you the “turnkey” method to finally learn to speak fluently in any language (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian …) You will be able to benefit from the secrets of the polyglots, the techniques of the most effective learning and resources to learn without spending too much time and having fun, do not miss it!

Français Authentique
Français Authentique (literally “Authentic French”) is a very popular website for French learners where you can find many free resources (videos, podcasts, lessons…) to learn and improve your French skills.
An excellent way to get started is subscribing to the free introduction French course.

A well-known language school organisation with more than 30 years of experience. They offer courses to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Arabic in 30 different countries.

Learn French with BBC
This online guide provided by BBC hosts tons of resources for learning the basics of the French language. Practical and thorough!

Bonjour de France
A free, educational “cyber-magazine” that contains exercises, tests, games, and explanations for learning French. A truly rich collection of information!

TV5 is a French channel that has a section devoted to non-Francophones looking for resources for learning the language. Interactive exercices, videos, games, dictionaries, and more are available at no charge. So much free material to practice the language of Molière!

Tex’s French Grammar 
University of Texas has an award-winning site for English speakers learning French. You can search the drop-down menus and find explanations with self-correcting activities for every concept.

French on offers a huge amount of information for French learners with their portal dedicated to the language. You can find lists of helpful vocabulary, explanations of confusing grammatical concepts, cultural lessons, and more.

Oh là là Speak French
Oh là là Speak French is an amazing website with tons of resources to learn French: videos, tips, useful expressions, activities. Definitely a “must-visit” website for all English-native speakers who are serious about learning French. Among all the ressources, we really fell in love with “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French”, a web series which allows to learn French following the adventures of two French sisters in Los Angeles. Very funny and full of everyday language expressions! Watch all the episodes

The Best Free Resources to Practice French
In this article, you’ll find our list of the best free resources to learn and practice French from your computer or smartphone

The Actual Fluency Podcast
The Actual Fluency Podcast is an excellent podcast for language learners who wish to be inspired, informed and entertained by a weekly show.

Language Learning Foundations
In this video course, the British polyglot Olly Richards explains “the exact techniques and routines you need to learn a new language and start speaking fluently”. The course consists of 10 modules focusing on the most important topics to learn any language on your own and get quick results.
The course is based on the method Olly has developed for himself to learn 7 foreign languages (Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Cantonese, Arabic) and you can use it to learn any language (French included).

MosaLingua Web

MosaLingua Web is a new, innovative way to learn a language in a fast, simple and efficient manner. This is not only an online version of our popular app, but a complete learning platform with tons of useful and entertaining resources to help you learn your intended language, including audiobooks, ebooks, magazines and more! Learn French with us — for a short time only, you can try out MosaLingua Web with our special introductory offer and get access to all content and languages!


Speaking and Pronunciation^


Forvo Français
With Forvo, you can learn how to pronounce tons and tons of words recorded by random people. Simply type in the word that you want to hear in the search box to get a vast array of different accents and forms to choose from.

How to Improve Pronunciation: the Right Approach and the Golden Rule for Success
One of our pages for learning how to speak better and understand more. Help is available for numerous languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

The Best Sites to Find a Linguistic Exchange Partner to Practice Online for Free
Verbling, Palabea, Italki, xLingo, SharedTalk, Conversation Exchange…We’ve tried them all and have selected the very best resources that match you  up with a partner for fun language practice! 

Audio – Video^




The best French podcasts

We recently examined some of the best podcasts for learning and practicing French.

Un peu de français avec Steffi
Steffi, a French girl with a beautiful accent, has put out some podcasts for Italians who want to learn French. Unfortunately, she’s only produced 5 of these wonderful episodes, but definitely check them out for a great introduction to the sounds of French.

Le sujet de la semaine avec Alexa Polidoro
Alexa Polidoro’s podcasts are perfect for French learners who want to hear the language used in context. She presents songs, poems, quotes, and other materials, choosing specific vocab words for you to focus on. Plus, she speaks clearly and slowly so you can really work on listening.

Le français interactif
This is an online French course from the University of Texas at Austin. You can find nearly 300 podcasts to improve your French!




Une petite fille qui raconte une drôle d’histoire
In this viral video, an adorable little French girl tells an amazingly creative story involving hippopotamuses and other magical creatures. You may have to minimize any ads that appear, but the video is worth checking out since she’s so cute. Since she’s young, she clearly pronounces each word. You can find English translations of the story, too.

Movies and Web Series^


The Best Movies to Watch to Improve Your French
Our selection of the best French movies to watch with subtitles to work on aural comprehension (and for fun!).

Extr@ (Français)
Extr@ is an educational web series designed specifically for those learning French. You get to hear different accents and realistic conversations in a fun storyline. Plus, there are subtitles to help you out, or you can minimize them for a challenge.  



“J’adore” de Katherine
This song is great for practicing professions in French. He recites around 7 different jobs, so it provides good vocab (this is an exercise taken from TV5).

MC Solaar
Senegalese-born Mc Solaar has been one of the most widely-known French rappers.  His catchy tunes use a lot of everyday expressions.  This video is his hit song Le Nouveau Western. The lyrics are written out in the description so you can follow along.

TV Channels^

resources-to-learn-french-mosalinguaBFM TV
24 hours a day of non-stop news ideal for French-language learners. Not only are these news broadcasts spoken in a clear and understandable way, but they also cover a wide array of topics and questions.

RFI Savoirs

Radio France International offers a daily news report specially adapted to a French-learning audience. The recordings are available on a daily basis and come with a transcript. Ideal for enriching your vocabulary and improving your understanding.

Reading and Writing^




Why French is easy
In this e-book, the famous polyglot Benny Lewis reveals not only why learning French can be easier than other languages but also several techniques, ideas, ressources and hacks to become fluent in French in a very short time. Benny has learned several languages himself and he’s a great motivator to help you achieve results faster.
And if you are learning several languages, you can also get a bundle with all his ebooks.

Make words stick
A very useful guide to help you build a method to memorize vocabulary more efficiently and quickly. This e-book is written by the famous polyglot Olly Richards who has used flashcards and the Spaced Repetition System to learn his 7 languages. Useful to learn any language, French included.

Free E-Books
So many free e-books in French to select from–including mystery, fiction, novels and romance, with something for everyone.  



The Best Free, Online Dictionaries for Learning
Our selection of the best free dictionaries on the Web for learners of any language.

Magazines and Newspapers^


Le Monde
One of the most famous and well-established newspapers in France and in the world.

Le Figaro
A newspaper that is widely read around the French-speaking world.



MosaLingua App for French
If you haven’t yet, you should check out our apps for learning French available on Android, Apple and Kindle devices. We use methods proven to be effective for you to learn French and have tons of fun at the same time.


Random (Pictures, Games, Graphics, Fun…)^

Get prepared to have your mind blown with this awesomely fun game, the Akinator. Play the free game in French to learn vocabulary and practice question and answers.