Resources to Learn English


On this page you’ll find our list of online resources for learning English. The different sites are broken down into categories for easier browsing. Simply click on one of the main links (like “podcasts”) to view numerous resources. Happy learning!

Suggested Resources for Learning English:


General Learning (online courses, general sites, blogs…)^


Our training “How to learn any language”

This course teaches you the “turnkey” method to finally learn to speak fluently in any language (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian …) You will be able to benefit from the secrets of the polyglots, the techniques of the most effective learning and resources to learn without spending too much time and having fun, do not miss it!

MosaLingua Web
Use our new, innovative way of learning a language in a efficient, simple and fast manner with MosaLingua Web. It’s not only a desktop version of our language learning apps, but it is also an entire platform with tons of entertaining and great resources to learn a language (ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, videos, magazines and much more!) Learn English with us and for a limited time only you can try MosaLingua Web to determine if its the right solution for you by using our intro offer to gain access to all languages and content!

A YouTube channel run by English professors. It’s both reputable and useful.

A page featuring videos for learning English. Some of their resources include lessons on grammar, pronunciation, business English, the TOEIC exam and others.

English Attack
A more entertaining page with videos, games and exercises to improve your English.

ESOL courses
Exercises, classes and multiple-choice quizzes for every learning level.

A well-known language school organisation with more than 30 years of experience. They offer courses to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Arabic in 30 different countries.

Learn English with the British Council
A complete page for learning British English.

BBC Learn English
Another complete page with free high-quality resources to learn British English.

Learning a language using online radio
5 steps to use online radio to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Our articles for learning English
We regularly publish blog posts to help you learn English as well as for passing English exams.

Language Learning Foundations
In this video course, the British polyglot Olly Richards explains “the exact techniques and routines you need to learn a new language and start speaking fluently”. The course consists of 10 modules focusing on the most important topics to learn any language on your own and get quick results.
The course is based on the method Olly has developed for himself to learn 7 foreign languages (Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Cantonese, Arabic) and you can use it to learn any language (English included).

Our free English conversation guide
Download our free guide including essential vocabulary for expressing yourself in English (includes translations for the languages we use).



Speaking and Pronunciation^


Rachel’s English
A blog run by Rachel, an American woman who explains how to improve your pronunciation through very clear and useful videos.

Pronunciation – British English Lessons from the BBC
A resource with suggestions on improving your British English pronunciation skills.

Speak English with Confidence
Our Masterclass to improve your English accent and pronunciation discloses the secrets to speak English with more confidence. By enrolling in our MasterClass, you will be able to access 10 modules, four highly effective learning systems, and five BONUSES to improve your oral English.


Audio – Video^




The English We Speak
Every week, these podcasts recommended by the BBC show viewers how to use common idiomatic expressions. Totally free.




One of the most effective methods for improving your foreign language skills is watching original foreign films with subtitles in your native language. Fleex.TV is a new website that helps you learn English. It’s based on a great method: You watch a video (movie, TV show, etc.) and, depending on your level, the website suggests that you watch it with subtitles. Little by little, it gives you the option to watch the clips without subtitles. But if you can’t understand anything, you can just hover your mouse over the text to show its meaning. The service charges a fee, but they are offering a limited time free trail. Give it a try!

Smithsonian Videos
The official channel of the Smithsonian institute, featuring videos on various topics from biology to art.

National Geographic
Nat Geo’s official page containing videos on topics like anthropology, science, physics and sociology.

TED Talks
A company that hosts conferences on “ideas worth spreading”, TED’s website contains short, yet highly interesting, videos in English. Most videos have subtitles available in a handful of other languages.


Movies and Web Series^


Charade (1963)
Watch “Charade”, a 1963 film featuring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. It’s streaming for free.




The best websites for learning languages with music
Our list of the best sites for learning a language through music, including Lyrics Training, Lyrics Gaps,, MyLingo and a few others.

Watching lyrics videos on YouTube
YouTube has a countless number of user-created lyrics videos. If you aren’t too familiar with English speaking music, here are a few classics to get you started.

TV and Radio Channels^


CNN Student News
The news by video (compatible on iPod). Great for learning English by watching news from CNN.

BBC World News
This BBC channel is devoted to international news. It’s 100% British English, however, it’s pronounced at a great speed and with very clear articulation — perfect for practice.

EuroNews is one of the biggest European news channels and offers multiple languages, English being one.


Reading and Writing^




On this page you’ll find articles on travel stories, anecdotes on countries and cultural information through audio, video, and vocabulary and grammar sheets. The articles are specifically chosen for each learning level (from intermediate to advanced).

Alice in Wonderland
This free ebook contains the original Lewis Carroll novel.

The best audio books in English
A list of our best articles for using audio books to learn English.

Why English is easy
In this e-book, the famous polyglot Benny Lewis reveals not only why learning English can be easier than other languages but also several techniques, ideas, ressources and hacks to become fluent in English in a very short time. Benny has learned several languages himself and he’s a great motivator to help you achieve results faster.
And if you are learning several languages, you can also get a bundle with all his ebooks.




One of the best bilingual dictionaries on the web. Created by numerous translators and linguists, it’s one of the best resources for translating correctly.

Cambridge Dictionary Online
This may be the best interactive monolingual dictionary. Cambridge hosts both a “Learner’s” and an “Advanced Learner’s” dictionary.

The Best Free Online Dictionaries for Learning
Our selection of the best free dictionaries on the web for learners of any language.

Magazines and Newspapers^


The Times
The online edition of the famous British newspaper.

The Guardian
The online site for The Guardian, featuring exclusive videos and reports.

Google News
Google’s own news website, which includes links to various news articles from across the web.

Financial Times
FT is perfect for those who need to use English in the workplace and who would like to specialize in business English.

Wall Street Journal
The American variant of Britain’s Financial Times.

USA Today
The website for the nationwide US magazine.

The Telegraph
The website for the British news company, The Telegraph.




MosaLingua App for English
If you haven’t yet, you should check out our apps for learning English on Android, Apple and Kindle devices. We use methods with proven effectiveness for you to learn languages and have tons of fun at the same time.

The TED conferences app is available on iPhone/iPad. Best of all, it allows you to watch the clips with subtitles in your native language! Highly recommended!

Miscellaneous (Pictures, Games, Graphics, Fun…)^


10 English Slang Expressions to Sound Like a Native Speaker
An infographic with the most common slang expressions in English.

15 most common phrasal verbs
An infographic explaning the 15 most commonly used phrasal verbs in English.

We hope this list of resources to learn English has been a big help for you. We’re constantly searching for the best resources to help you improve your English skills. If you know of any others, please let us know about them by sending us a message using this contact form.