Resources to Learn Japanese


On this page you will find our list of the best resources for learning Japanese on the web. The sites are organized by category: just click on a link (eg. podcast.) to navigate to the desired resource. Happy learning !

Recommended resources for learning Japanese:


General learning of Japanese (online courses, general sites, blogs…)^


Our training “How to learn any language”

This course teaches you the “turnkey” method to finally learn to speak fluently in any language (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian …) You will be able to benefit from the secrets of the polyglots, the techniques of the most effective learning and resources to learn without spending too much time and having fun, do not miss it!

Japanese Lessons
A course created by NHK. Each lesson is based on a dialogue accompanied by grammatical notes.

All Japanese All The Time

One method to learn Japanese-based immersion and spaced repetition using a rich blog. The tone is happy, humorous, and eccentric.


Tofugu is a quirky Japanese culture and language blog. It is a unique language website that takes a creative approach to Japanese teaching.

Japanese 101

Japanese 1o1 is a site that contains resources for learning several different languages, including Japanese. Although it’s not the best site for learning the nuances of a language, it has a wide range of vocab words and links

Japan Activator
Japanese course website. It also works well as an Android application has an exhaustive collection of Japanese language lessons although you may find some of the links and resources to be outdated. That being said, the lessons themselves are worth taking a look at the site.

Guide to Japanese
This site’s resources are quite good. It was created by Tae Kim, who is an influential blogger in the Japanese language field.

Erin Challenge

A video-based course offered by the Japanese TV channel NHK. Comprehensive, fun and adapted for beginners.

Our Blog Articles on Japanese
We regularly write articles on our blog to help you learn, make sure to check it on a regular basis for Japanese language articles.

Speaking and Pronouncing^


Lessons to listen to in order to help improve your accent.

Forvo offers numerous recordings to help you see the nuances of the spoken language. With over 120,000 words and phrases pronounced in Japanese, it is definitely worth checking out!

Wikipedia (Japanese phonology)
This article on Japanese phonology is a little dry, but if you have any doubt on your Japanese pronunciation, this will answer all of your questions.


Audio – Video^




Learning Japanese through podcasts. Registration required.

TBS RADIO podcasting 954
This is a major Japanese radio that you should definitely take the time to listen to



Japanese Lessons !
This is a YouTube channel with lessons with different themes (writing, grammar, vocab…).

Learn Japanese with
This is the YouTube channel associated with

NHK for school
These videos are provided by a Japanese school and so you know they are a good learning resource.

TV Films and Series^

A website that compiles many films in the public domain and makes them available for public viewing and download. It includes films of Akira Kurosawa.



A major Tokyo radio mostly broadcasting pop

Another great radio to listen to.

Site for listening to online radio stations in Japanese.

TV Channels^


Portal for NHK, public Japanese television

NHK World
You can access the TV channel NHK World with this link

Reading and Writing^


Website to help you learn kanji using the Heisig method

Japanese Conjugation
A program that conjugates Japanese verbs



Minna no Nihongo
The most used Japanese language book in the world

Remembering the Kanji
The English method of learning kanji

Kanji and Kana
The reference book on Japanese writing.



A Japanese-English translation dictionary

Japanese kanji dictionary
Everything is in the title: a dictionary where you will find over 2000 kanji.

Another online dictionary

Magazines et journaux^


Yomiuri Shimbun
Fondé en 1874, c’est le quotidien le plus vendu au monde. Plutôt conservateur.

Asahi Shimbun
Deuxième journal japonais (et mondial), il se positionne plus à gauche que ses homologues.

Mainichi Shimbun
Le plus ancien des quotidiens japonais (1872), à tendance centriste.

Nikkei / Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Le grand journal économique du Japon, d’obédience libérale. Il est comparable au Wall Street Journal ou au Financial Times.

Sankei Shimbun
Le dernier des cinq grands quotidiens japonais. Très conservateur, il est proche des milieux des affaires.

The Japan Times
Le grand quotidien anglophone du Japon. Utile pour se tenir au courant en attendant d’avoir le niveau pour lire la presse japonophone !

Soit l’Asahi Shimbun Extra Report and Analysis. Comme son nom l’indique, il est publié par l’Asahi Shimbun. Reconnaissable à ses portraits en couverture, cet hebdomadaire traite avant tout de sujets de société.



Rikaichan (Firefox)
A dictionary that is an extension for the Firefox browser. Just pass the mouse over a word to get the definition.

Rikaikun (Chrome)
Same principal as above, but for the Chrome browser

Obenkyo (Android / Windows Phone)
A very complete application for learning kanji, kanji, particles, vocabulary …

JA Sensei (Android)
A great selection of Japanese classes, taken from the website Japan Activator (see above).

Learning Japanese (iOS / Android)
Kim Tae guide for learning Japanese in mobile version.

Human Japanese
A popular application of japonophiles, available in multiple formats.

Extras (images, infographiques, fun…)^


That Japanese Man Yuta
An interesting channel for Japanese society, with very amusing shows.

Kanji sudoku
Sudoku is too easy for you? In that case, why not replace the Arabic numerals with kanji?

I hope this list of the best resources for learning Japanese was enjoyable. We regularly try to test learning resources on the web. If you know of  any other resources that deserve to be on this list, please send them to us with this contact form.