top-spanish-learning-resources-according-to-our-teachers-mosalinguaFinding and testing apps, courses, and other tools to find the best resources to learn Spanish with can be a long, painstaking process. We’ve done some of the legwork for you and put together a list of tried and tested Spanish study material. Here are our teachers’ favorite Spanish learning resources. We’ve included resources that target every language skill, and there’s something for everyone, no matter what level you’re starting at.

We’ve organized the tools we chose by category to make them easier to navigate. Browse through the resources below and click on a title or image to try one out for yourself. Be sure to bookmark this page or share it on social media so you can get back to it easily!


Your Guide to the Best Resources to Learn Spanish [VIDEO]

Before you dive into our list, our Spanish teacher Mirari has a recap of the best resources for Spanish learners. It’s in Spanish, of course, but there are subtitles in both English and Spanish should you need them. Click that gear button at the bottom right corner of the video to toggle them on or off or to adjust the speed. Buen aprendizaje!


Memorizing Vocabulary

MosaLingua Premium (Web & Mobile)

MosaLingua PremiumMosaLingua Premium (web and mobile) Spanish tool on a smartphone and tablet. is an all-in-one, multi-platform solution for learning the most useful Spanish words and phrases quickly and efficiently. Immerse yourself in the language and truly enjoy the learning process thanks to a library full of videos, eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and much more.



Online dictionaries

  1. WordReference: a fantastic multilingual dictionary with a very active forum to help you find the most appropriate English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translations for any occasion.​
  2. SpanishDict: an extremely accessible online Spanish-English dictionary with a clean, sleek interface, making it a leading resource for people who want to learn Spanish. It also has a conjugation tool, quizzes, audio clips, grammar lessons, and more.
  3. Diccionario El Mundo: the popular Spanish newspaper also offers a translation tool, powered by Reverso. It’s handy for deciphering the news you read in Spanish because it provides definitions, translations, and example sentences for more context.
  4. Other online Spanish dictionaries: if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in the ones above, browse this directory of online Spanish resources. It features some more specialized and regional options.


Listening Comprehension

MosaSeries: El Hombre Sin Nombre

MosaSeries: El Hombre Sin Nombremosaseries spanish el hombre sin nombre is our very own thrilling and addictive audio series, entirely in Spanish. It’s a fun, step-by-step tool designed to help you improve your language skills.

Throughout the series’ 27 episodes, you’ll work on your Spanish listening skills, broaden your vocabulary, and learn some essential grammar and conjugations. And best of all, it won’t feel like studying!

Our favorite Spanish podcasts, movies, and TV shows

  1. The best free Spanish podcasts
  2. The best Spanish movies on Netflix this month
  3. The best Spanish movies of all time
  4. The best Spanish TV shows
  5. Spanish telenovelas that are worth a watch

YouTube channels for Spanish learners

  1. Butterfly Spanish: Ana has an excellent channel for Spanish learners of all levels! She teaches classic vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation lessons in a clear, easy-to-understand format.
  2. RTVE: Spain’s public broadcasting service has a YouTube channel with a wide variety of videos, documentaries, and reports. It also hosts quite a few related channels on more specific topics, including RTVE Noticias (news), RTVE Música (music), and RTVE Cocina (cooking).
  3. National Geographic España: National Geographic has a special site with videos, articles, and photojournalism in Spanish. It covers interesting topics like animals, science, and outer space.​
  4. The MosaLingua YouTube channel: be sure to take a look around our own YouTube channel for tons of smart tips and hacks about learning Spanish – and other languages, too!



MosaSpeak Español

top-spanish-learning-resources-according-to-our-teachers-mosalinguaMosaSpeak: Habla Español con Confianza is our complete online course to help you improve your spoken Spanish. It’s 100% focused on speaking and is perfect for anyone who wants to target this skill.

With this MasterClass, you’ll learn to speak more fluently, gain confidence, and improve your Spanish pronunciation.


💬 MosaChat-AI

top-spanish-learning-resources-according-to-our-teachers-mosalingua💬 MosaChat-AI gives you access to a language tutor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Speak or chat with e-Tutor Aida anytime, anywhere! Practice having a conversation in Spanish, ask your burning questions about the language, and even get your mistakes corrected.

Log in or create a Premium account today to try out 💬 MosaChat-AI for yourself.

Conversation partners & language exchange programs

  1. LanguaTalk: affordable paid lessons with a qualified tutor. Teachers are handpicked by LanguaTalk, and you can even book a free trial session to make sure you click with the tutor before you commit to a full Spanish lesson.
  2. iTalki: this app can connect you with native speakers looking for a conversation partner as well as paid tutors who can give you more intensive Spanish lessons.​
  3. Tandem: find lots of native Spanish speakers who are interested in forming language tandems. Partner up and chat with someone who wants to learn your native language in exchange for teaching you Spanish.​
  4. Spanish55: founded specifically to help English speakers learn to speak Spanish fluently. All of their private tutors are bilingual and have at least 5 years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language.

Our Spanish conversation guide & phrasebook

A blonde white woman and a dark-haired Latina woman are standing in front of a garden store, laughing and holding Jarritos sodas. Text reads: Free Spanish Conversation & Travel Guide. MosaLingua.

The MosaLingua Spanish conversation guide is available as a free download: it contains 1000+ of the most useful vocabulary words and phrases for travel and everyday conversation. It’s organized by theme and frequency of use to make it easier to find exactly what you need in a pinch.

Our Spanish pronunciation guide

Spanish pronunciation guide resources to learn spanish woman with headphones smiling

The MosaLingua Spanish pronunciation guide is chock full of lessons and tips from our teachers, plus our selection of the best resources to learn Spanish pronunciation and improve your accent.

Forvo Spanish

Forvo Spanish is a pronunciation dictionary you can use to learn how to pronounce nearly any word you can think of in Spanish (and many other languages)! Native speakers volunteer to record themselves and sometimes there are even pronunciations in several different accents.


Reading & Writing

Newspapers and other media

  1. El País: the most widely read newspaper in Spain. For beginners, there’s also an English edition that features a selection of translated and adapted articles from the Spanish version, so you can follow along more easily. Plus, check out El País TV for videos.
  2. El Mundo: a Spanish-language news outlet that publishes a national edition, plus 10 regional editions, daily. Be sure to check out their photo and video journalism section.​
  3. Expansión: perfect reading material for learners who use Spanish for work or who are interested in economic and business news.
  4. Marca: a popular sports publication in Spain. Work on your Spanish and keep up with your favorite teams.


Our teachers’ selection of the best books to read in Spanish can help you find reading material that is both interesting and level-appropriate.​

Stacks of colorful books. Text reads: Recommended reading for Spanish, French, and German learners. MosaLingua.



  1. Spanish Grammar in Context: a University of Texas at Austin project developed this portal, which hosts lots of high-quality grammar lessons that are easy to understand, and quizzes to test your knowledge.
  2. Our Spanish grammar cheat sheets: to pick up the basics of Spanish grammar without wasting time on anything you don’t need to know.


Other Useful Guides & Spanish Learning Resources

  1. The fastest way to learn Spanish: online Spanish resources, tips, methods, and techniques to help you learn Spanish as quickly as possible. Don’t waste any more time – start learning today!
  2. Learn Spanish for business: if one of your language goals is to be able to use Spanish in professional contexts, like business trips or presentations to Spanish-speaking partners, you need this app. Learn key vocab for day-to-day business and specific sectors.
  3. Learn Spanish with songs: listening to music and singing along is an entertaining and effective way to improve your skills. Here are some of our favorite and most instructive Spanish songs.


Happy Learning!

We hope this list of the best resources to learn Spanish will be of a big help to you. We’re constantly searching for the best resources to help you improve your Spanish skills and updating this page. If there are any great tools or resources we didn’t mention but that you think deserve to be on the list, click here to let us know about them.