There are a million different ways to learn a language… and artificial intelligence is one of the most recent additions to the list! There has been a lot of development and exploration in this sector recently, and we’ve introduced our own online language tutor, MosaChat-AI. So, how can we use AI to improve the language learning process? Let’s have a look!

Last updated: 20/03/2024


Artificial intelligence: A revolution for language learning

You’re probably in the process of learning a language, and maybe you want more opportunities to practice speaking! Or you’ve been struggling, and need to be able to get answers to all your burning questions at any time of the day or night. Or you’ve been practicing your pronunciation in front of a mirror, but you’re not sure that you’re getting your intonation, grammar, and vocabulary use right. Artificial intelligence can help with all of this.

In fact, artificial intelligence has the power to change the way we approach language learning. There are already tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Notion-AI, which allow users to have conversations with”intelligent” chatbots. It’s not much of a stretch to apply this technology to language learners around the world. So we decided to create our own product that harnesses the power of AI to help learners like you.

Why AI is changing the game

What’s so exciting is that artificial intelligence tools can be used to practice speaking. Before its creation, you had two options:

  • Find a language partner or tandem, agree on a time when you’re both free, and spend half the conversation speaking in your target language, and the other half in your mother tongue.
  • Hire a tutor or teacher, schedule a video call or travel for an in-person session, and pay to speak to them.

Both are good options, but each has its drawbacks.

For example, with language tandems, you’ll probably spend more time planning and trying to line up your schedules than actually talking. You’ll spend half your time speaking in your native language and helping your language partner to learn it. Additionally, finding a pen pal with whom you get on well can be difficult. What’s more, some pen pals get bored over time and move on to other things.

Live lessons with a tutor, on the other hand, can save you time. But they do come at a cost, which can vary greatly depending on the language you’re learning and where you live. Not all language learners can afford to use such resources.

Today’s technology, however, makes it possible to communicate with an intelligent chatbot, accessible 24/7, at a much more affordable price. What’s more, some people will be more comfortable talking to an intelligent chatbot than to a human, because they’ll no longer be afraid of being judged or misunderstood. And they’ll be more receptive to corrections and feedback.

In addition to spoken conversation, artificial intelligence offers other interesting possibilities, such as:

  • having a written text corrected or improved
  • asking questions about vocabulary and grammar
  • receiving immediate feedback on your pronunciation and speaking skills.

Limitations on artificial intelligence tools

Despite this, artificial intelligence does have limits. These new tools can make mistakes and give inaccurate information. But… this happens to humans as well! Even though we don’t believe that AI tools can replace human interaction, it’s difficult to deny that they’re an exciting new tool for practicing your language skills!

And we’re just at the beginning of this change. The future offers possibilities that can make our lives even easier than we can imagine right now!

How we’re integrating artificial intelligence into MosaLingua courses and apps

Over the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with these new technologies because we believe they have the potential to help us and our users. We’re excited to have announced the release of 💬 MosaChat-AI, the very first virtual tutor that combines:

  • the power of artificial intelligence
  • the efficiency of the MOSALearning® method
  • our vast library of language-learning resources
  • our 12+ years of teaching experience.

💬 MosaChat-AI gives students 24/7 access to Aida, a personal language tutor. She is able to:

  • practice speaking, listening, and reading in your target language
  • correct your mistakes and provide explanations
  • adjust to your level and learn your interests
  • provide targeted vocabulary and grammar practice
  • help you create personalized flashcards based on your conversations
  • recognize your voice to respond to you in real time.

You can use MosaChat-AI to simulate conversations, practice for an interview, ask questions about what you’re learning, or simply try out some new vocabulary.

Use MosaChat-AI

If you’re interested, you can try 💬 MosaChat-AI for free: it’s already available for anyone with a MosaLingua Premium account. All our subscribers have access to this tool via the web platform. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can start a free trial.

We’re so excited to offer this new tool and to hear what you think of it. With all the other resources you have at your fingertips, we hope that this supplementary tool will help you reach your goals even faster!

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