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The 7 Benefits of Language Learning Apps

After 7 good reasons to learn a foreign language, I’ll tell you about the benefits of language learning apps used on smartphones like iPhone, Android, etc). New generations of mobile phones are now extremely advanced and able to handle complex applications and multimedia. For example, the iPhone has a powerful processor that allows it to run intensive applications like 3D games.

So what are the benefits of language learning apps compared to a more traditional means (evening classes, books, etc..)?

Learn Anywhere and Anytime

language learning appsPersonally, I love to study vocabulary quietly in my bed before I go to sleep using MosaLingua’s language learning apps. When I travel, I also listen to some Spanish podcasts and the time flies by! Obviously it’s also possible to learn a language with a book,  but it’s so much more entertaining when using a language learning app!


Never Waste Time Again

language learning apps

The advantage of a language learning app is that it is always on you. Oftentimes, when we waste time such as waiting for an appointment or on the bus, you can get really annoyed or even stressed
. We think to ourselves, “I could be doing lots of other things besides studying.” However, when using a language learning app like MosaLingua, I am very zen when I have to wait around. The other day, for example, I had an appointment with someone, but he made me wait an hour. Before using a language learning app I would have been very annoyed and even angry, but by using the app I was able to pass the time and his lateness did not bother me at all, I took the opportunity to review and play a little, and I was almost disappointed when he arrived and he interrupted me in my session.

Proceed at Your Own Pace, Without Constraints

language learning appsHave you ever taken a course at night? I have before at the Wall Street Institute, but I found it hard to complete it because there were many constraints. I was required to attend twice a week no matter what so in the end it became a chore. On the other hand, when we study on our own with a language learning app we can follow our own rhythm.


Multimedia and Interactivity Makes it Mlanguage learning appsore Entertaining

A method that contains images, sound and video can be much more effective and motivating! In addition, one can obtain corrections or feedback (feedback) immediately. No need to wait for a correction.


It’s Fun!

language learning apps

Yes, it is possible to learn while having fun, it’s called the serious game, and it may well be fun. Mobile, one can imagine a crossword puzzle or game speed to revise its vocabulary, or even role-playing to get into situations and dialogue.

It’s Much More Motivating

language learning appsAlready the fact that it is fun will help keep you motivated, so imagine what the content that is updated regularly, virtual coaching, and statistical progressions will do to your motivation.





If you can think of other benefits, let us know in the comments!