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Learn English App (FREE)

Learn English when you only have a little time, it's possible! 10 minutes a day is enough to progress quickly

Thanks to our effective and addictive learning method you will quickly memorize words, phrases and English expressions to communicate and make yourself understood very easily.
Pronunciation , listening , grammar and the written expression will have no more secrets for you.

Start learning English now :

Find out why people love our apps…

by DazaWin

I've always struggled to retain foreign vocabulary but this app changed all that. The spaced repetition seems to really work. I've learned over 500 new words/phrases in only a few weeks. Highly recommended!!

by DazaWin
Search Man

by Patrick

Excellent learning tool!

If there ever was an app worthy
of 5 stars it is this one.

by Patrick
from Ireland

Recommended by

Not having time to go to a language school is no longer a problem. Now you have the academy on your smartphone!

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by Fabiano Confuorto

MosaLingua offers a method that differs from other applications...

It's both fun AND effective!

by Fabiano Confuorto

Recommended by

MosaLingua is a fantastic app that will suit all your Spanish language needs. We were very taken by this app. The app receives 5 Stars and the EAS Recommended status.

Recommended by
Educational AppStore

Recommended by

The app focuses on long-lasting memorization, using techniques based on cognitive and psychological concepts to tap into the learner’s audio and visual memory.

Recommended by
The Huffington Post

by James

Brilliant app

Timed repetition is great and the way of learning is ideal for anyone who hates learning verb tables rote!!

by James

by Lynz8

Stay motivated & you'll reap the benefits quickly! Fun, easy way to learn and unlock a whole new world for both your brain and in making new connections once you're no longer lost in translation! Just try it!

by Lynz8
from iTunes

by Daiane Grade

Easy, funny, an app that one can use at any time, just a few minutes per day, and that will make one learn languages and improve the vocabulary. Gracias por ayudarme con el español!

by Daiane Grade
Google Play

by Sharon Baker

I consistently use this app because it really has taught me French from the ground up. I learned so much in just a few days, let alone months. Native speakers have even praised me for my accent. Thanks Mosa!

by Sharon Baker
from USA

MosaLingua Learn English App

What you will find in MosaLingua English

      • application pour apprendre l'anglais
        +3,500 vocabulary cards

        Learn the most useful words and phrases to communicate quickly in English, and to make yourself understood.

      • apprendre l'anglais
        A personalized learning program

        Concentrate on the vocabulary you need to learn English, and to reach your goal (traveling, working, taking an exam, speaking on a daily basis …)

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      Organized vocabulary

      Find the vocabulary you need quickly thanks to a breakdown in 14 categories and +100 subcategories (Basics, food, restaurant, cooking, lodging, hotel, home …)

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      Learning tips

      Find tips and advice that are useful, and quick to set up, to learn English and quickly progress (both orally and in writing).

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      UA vocabulary adapted to your level

      Progress quickly to reach different levels: from level A1 (Absolute Beginner) to level C1 (Advanced Intermediate) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      The MosaLingua Learning Club

      Join us ! Get free access to exclusive content to progress faster and learn beyond the app.

    • apprendre anglais application
      Even without hands!

      Learn English and revise your skills while cooking or on public transport! No need to hold your mobile phone to learn English and memorize vocabulary.

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      Oral pronunciation (audio)

      Listen to the audio recordings of our native speakers, for each word and phrase contained in our cards, to learn the exact pronunciation.

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      +37 dialogues from everyday life

      Find the vocabulary of everyday life in context through our 37 dialogues

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      The essentials of grammar

      Find the basics of English grammar: learn or re-learn it quickly with short lessons. Learn only the grammatical rules you need!

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      More than 200 bonuses

      Earn bonuses as you progress! They will help you stay motivated, and learn more.

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      Your own cards in your own app!

      Did you learn new words while watching a good movie? Save them in your own MosaLingua cards to learn and memorize them according to our learning method.

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      10 levels of difficulty

      Find vocabulary adapted to your level and your needs, divided into 10 levels of difficulty: essential to know to fend off specialized vocabulary.

    • Application pour apprendre l'anglais
      Le Certificat d’aptitude en langue MosaLingua

      Get your certificate of proficiency in English from 300 cards learned. It shows your skills and your progress!

And if you want to distribute the application within your company, consult our offer of training in English tailored for companies

A very effective method

  • mosalingua-learn-english-app-mosalingua

    The efficiency of the MOSA Learning ® method

    - is based on principles of cognitive science for maximum results (Learn more )
    - calculates your revision schedule
    within an SRS system (the result of years of scientific research)

  • mosalingua-learn-english-app-mosalingua

    Study the correct 20% of the language
    for 80% of the results

    - learn the most useful words first
    - no wasting time: only revise the material you had a hard time with

  • mosalingua-learn-english-app-mosalingua

    Long-lasting learning

    - MosaLingua uses visual and audio memory
    - revisions at just the right time so you don't forget
    - learn vocabulary little by little for long-term memorization

  • mosalingua-learn-english-app-mosalingua              

    - Ideal for those without a lot of time


    - it only takes 10 minutes of practice a day
    - you can pause a lesson and continue it any time

  • mosalingua-learn-english-app-mosalingua              

    Mobile learning sessions (no internet connection required)


    - it's all available offline
    - can be used anywhere (bus, subway, while waiting, travelling abroad, etc.)  

  • mosalingua-learn-english-app-mosalingua              

    Fun and addictive


    - as you progress, you'll earn bonuses
    - the speed at which you progress will turn your learning into a fun and rewarding activity

En savoir plus...

Discover the new multi-platform interface

  • Enjoy MosaLingua on the more comfortable screen of your tablet

  • Learn and revise using several devices in parallel (for instance on your smartphone during the day and on your tablet in the evening oir during the week-end)

  • Find youir progress at any time on your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / Android Smartphone / Android Tablet


MosaLingua is a method for learning languages on a smartphone (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android). Our small, international team is made up of language enthusiasts who are working everyday to improve our applications and to help you in your language learning. Find out more about us