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A mobile app and web platform to help you learn the most useful English words and expressions and start communicating, fast

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All levels – from absolute beginners to upper-intermediate and advanced learners
(A1-C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages scale)


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Learning English when you don't have much free time is possible with the MosaLingua app for learning English! Ten minutes of practice a day with your Learn English app is enough start seeing progress fast! With our efficient and addictive learning method, you'll memorize the English words, phrases and expressions you need to start communicating in no time.

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mosalingua English flashcards

3,500+ vocabulary flashcards

With our Learn English app, you’ll focus on the most useful English words and phrases to start speaking and understanding the language, fast.

app for learning English

10 levels of difficulty

In our app to learn English, vocabulary is adapted to your skills and your needs. It’s divided into 10 levels, from the bare minimum all the way up to specialized vocabulary.


Grammar essentials

Learn (or relearn) the basics of English grammar. With MosaLingua, you’ll focus only on the essentials for communication – no boring grammar lessons here!


Learning tips

Our tips and advice are easy to follow and will help you make quick progress in both your spoken and your written English.


MosaLingua Language Proficiency Certificate

Once you learn your first 300 flashcards, you’re eligible for a MosaLingua English certificate, proof of your skills and the progress you’ve made. Keep working toward new language goals!


Audio clips for learning proper pronunciation

Learn the correct English pronunciation of all the words and phrases in our app, with audio recorded by native speakers. Record yourself and compare your pronunciation to an expert's.


Over 200 bonuses
to unlock

Earn bonuses as you go and stay motivated to learn English. Find out what jokes, stories, expressions and other surprises we have in store for you!


A personalized learning program

Learn the English vocabulary you need to reach your goals. Traveling to an English-speaking country? Working? Taking an exam? Talking to native speakers? We’ve got you covered.

37+ dialogues about everyday life


Immerse yourself in the English language without leaving home! Our 37+ dialogues are about everyday situations that you’re likely to come across in real life and are recorded by native speakers. Topics include: introducing yourself, talking about your interests, talking about the weather, at the park, booking a hotel, taking a cab, talking about a trip, at the beach, at the bar, introducing someone else, talking about a typical day, setting up an appointment, and more.

14 categories, 100+ subcategories, and optional packs
to cover all of your needs




Optional packs

Create personalized flashcards


Did you just come across a new word or phrase in a movie, in the TV show you're binge watching, or in the newspaper? Add it to the flashcard stack in your MosaLingua app. Then, memorize it with the powerful MosaLingua learning method.

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about our method

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The effective and efficient
MOSA Learning® system

Our method is based on proven cognitive science concepts so that you can achieve the best possible results

More about our method

Your app for learning English develops a personalized study schedule for you based on your individual needs

Learn about the SRS

app for learning English

Put in 20% of the work
for 80% of the gains

MosaLingua focuses on the most important aspects of a language so that you can start understanding others and they can start understanding you as quickly as possible

That's what the Pareto Principle is all about

In short: you'll learn the 20% of English words, phrases, and expressions that will serve you in 80% of situations you'll encounter.

app for learning English

Sustainable and long-term
learning and memorization

MosaLingua stimulates both your visual and auditory memories for a deeper level of comprehension

Your Learn English app will remind you to study words right before you're about to forget them, and before you know it they will have made their way into your long-term memory

app for learning English

Improve your language skills, even
when you're pressed for time

With your app for learning English, all you need is 10 minutes a day to make noticeable progress

Pause a lesson at any time and pick up right where you left off later

app for learning English

Stay on top of your studies
even when your WiFi is down

Study English anywhere, and on your own time (on the bus, in the subway, in line, abroad – anything is possible!)

You don't need data or a wifi connection, everything in your Learn English app is available offline

app for learning English

Fun, addictive
and rewarding

Memorizing lots of new words in a short amount of time and watching your stats go through the roof makes the learning process addictive

Plus: unlock tons of bonus material as you go

A multi-platform solution
for learning English

mosalingua web for learning english

Is it more comfortable for you to read on your computer or tablet than your phone? Use MosaLingua Web on any screen with an internet browser

Study on different devices depending on what is most convenient for you (for example, on your smartphone when you're on the go, and on your computer or tablet when you're back at home)

Your progress is automatically synced across all your devices, of course!

no hands needed!

Set your app to hands-free mode and study English vocabulary while cooking dinner, jogging, or riding the bus!

Say goodbye to wasted time when your hands are tied up in other tasks (like that mountain of clothes you need to fold) and hello to efficiency and language progress.

app for learning English

the mosalingua learning club

app for learning English

Get free access to exclusive content and practice your language skills outside of your app for learning English. Join the MosaLingua Learning Club to learn English for free and meet other learners like you.

why do i need an app to learn english?

app for learning English

The best thing about your app for learning English is that you can take it with you everywhere – language learning has no limits with MosaLingua. It's available offline, and even features a hands-free mode, so you can use it at home or abroad.

It's practical and easy to use. You can study anytime, anywhere, whether it's in line at the store or on the bus or train (even in the bathroom, we won't judge!).

And your Learn English app guides you so that you can focus only on what you really need to know to improve your English, fast. That means short lessons and useful vocab.

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