MosaLingua Web—now MosaLingua Premium (Web & Mobile)—is the ultimate platform for learning the most useful words and phrases you need to start speaking a language. And that’s not all…

Learn 6,000+ key words and phrases, depending on your needs and level, and be able to use them in everyday situations. In addition, MosaLingua Web adapts to your schedule: you can practice where you want, when you want.

But our web platform is so much more than that.

MosaLingua Web is also…

  • MosaDiscovery®: memorize words directly in the context you found them in (like movies, articles, videos, or websites). Can’t seem to understand what a word means? Want to make sure you don’t forget it for the next time you come across it? Simply click it, translate it, and then save it as a new flashcard. Then, MosaLingua Web will help you learn and memorize it. All your content is in one convenient place.
  • Hundreds of videos, ebooks, audiobooks, and music videos
  • MosaStories: original graded articles and short stories for learners of all levels
  • MosaChallenges: mini-goals to set for yourself to get “quick wins”
  • Multi-device support (web and iOS/Android apps)
  • All of our in-app content including grammar, dialogues, advanced vocab, slang, and more
  • 7 languages for the price of one ($420 value)

Plus: we’ve added all of the optional packs from our MosaLingua applications to MosaLingua Web. They’re available at no additional cost and for all of the languages we offer.

And if you’re not completely convinced that the platform is right for you, once your 15-day trial is over you can simply cancel your subscription. Trying it is risk free.

Get started and enjoy a 15-day FREE trial! No commitments or obligations.

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