Spanish is easy? Who says?!
You’ve likely heard that Spanish is simpler than some other languages. The truth is that it all depends on how close your native language is to the one you want to learn, the time available for learning the language and the learning method used. After having demonstrated to English learners that English is easy to learn, we wanted to show that there is an easy way to learn Spanish, too.



The Incredibly Easy Way to Learn Spanish

Spanish is the second most used language for international exchanges and the third most spoken in the world. Yet, many native English speakers think it’s hard to learn, but it doesn’t have to be. There is an incredibly easy way to learn Spanish, it’s not a one-size-fits-all method, but it’s the way you approach learning Spanish—and any language for that matter. You will find here some methods to help you with this, but it’s up to you to adapt it to your lifestyle and to make it your personal method.  So, why resist it any longer? Its apparent difficulty is but an excuse for those are not motivated and properly equipped. Let me explain…

The Incredibly Easy Way to Learn Spanish? It’s All About The Method

When learning a language, how you set out is what will determine your success. I think I made more progress with my Spanish when my high school Spanish teacher made us listen to and learn songs than when we would spend hours analyzing a text. Up to this day, I still know the works of Clandestino from Manu Chao and Hijo de la luna from Mecano by heart. Two songs which helped me quickly assimilate Spanish pronunciation (all while enriching my vocabulary). The conclusion? Learning with music was an easy way to learn Spanish for me, a method which is much more efficient than analyzing texts.

Create Your “Spanish Bubble”

The first method I recommend for quickly learning Spanish is to immerse yourself in the language. Don’t hesitate to get your ears used to Spanish pronunciation by creating your own “Spanish bubble” with the help of TV series, movies, music, etc. Immersing yourself in a language is the best way for listening, understanding and assimilating it. Obviously, this passive method has to go hand-in-hand with actively learning the language for it to be truly effective.

Learn to Speak

To quickly improve your speaking skills, you have to practice them. Unfortunately, the biggest downside of traditional learning methods (such as traditional language lessons at school) is that they focus more on the written aspect of the language than on speaking. At school, we used to spend hours learning a text, only to be told to make a written summary of it. But when you go on a trip to Spain or Latin America, how much time do you actually spend writing? Not nearly as much as speaking…
The purpose of learning a language is to be able to understand and communicate in it. The faster you are able to speak, the faster you’ll make progress.

Review, Review, And Review Some More

Let’s take a look at how the human brain works. In order to avoid information overload, our brain chooses to delete from its memory things that it thinks are unimportant or useless (even if you spent hours studying them—do you actually still remember all the different dates you learned for history exams?).
The Incredibly Easy Way to Learn SpanishKnowing very well how our brain works, a German psychologist, named Ebbinghaus, established the forgetting curve. A curve which shows how fast our brain looses information previously learned. It is with this curve that Ebbinghaus proved that we aren’t doomed to forgetting things we want to remember; meaning that if you really want to remember that estornudar means to sneeze in Spanish, you can do something about it. For this, you need to regularly review the word estornudar with its meaning. To be more precise and to make this easier, you need to review this word right before your brain decides to delete it from your memory. Forgetting it thus takes longer and longer. This method actually has a name: the Spaced Repetition System (SRS). Regularly reviewing words and phrases will allow you to memorize vocabulary in the long term.

Having a Reason to Boost Your Motivation

The Incredibly Easy Way to Learn Spanish

Finding a reason for learning the language is a good method for making you want to learn it. It will help you to review words without struggling to do so every time, to immerse yourself in the language without feeling burdened, and to assimilate it faster. So, whatever your reasons are for learning Spanish, these reasons must be clearly defined. Staying motivated is the best way to learning. And if you’re not feeling too motivated, you’ll find tips to help you out with this here.

What is this incredibly easy way to learn Spanish? To adapt the methods described in this article to your time, needs and making sure you are motivated. Luckily, it’s never been as easy to learn a new language as it is today. Thanks to the magic of the internet, nowadays, many tools are freely available. You just need to find the right ones.

Tools For Quickly Learning Spanish!

MosaLingua Premium (Web & Mobile)

The Incredibly Easy Way to Learn SpanishMosaLingua Spanish and MosaLingua Business Spanish will help you quickly learn vocabulary and phrases to quickly communicate and make yourself understood in a wide number of subjects and situations. Each word/phrase to learn has its English translation with it, along with its audio recording by a native speaker, to help you assimilate its spoken and written form. It’s a great foundation for quickly learning and improving: an active learning method you can use with other passive learning methods.

MosaLingua Premium also includes our comprehensive web platform for language learning. With it, you can look up the translation of any word/expression in just two clicks (on any device with Google Chrome) and, if you want, add them to your words list to learn on the MosaLingua app in just one more click.

You also get access to our selection of online resources, videos and books, which you can then use with the add-on from MosaLingua Premium to look up and add words to learn on the MosaLingua app. We additionally have a section for resources shared by the MosaLingua community, of which you could be part!

To learn more about MosaLingua Premium (Web & Mobile), click here!

Movies And TV Series in Spanish

the-incredibly-easy-way-to-learn-spanish-mosalinguaTo make sure you are fully immersed in a language—which, as previously mentioned, is a great way to quickly learn it—simply get comfy on your sofa (or bed) and watch as many movies or TV series in Spanish as possible. We told you it was an incredibly easy way to learn Spanish! Apart from making you forget about any stress you’ve been experiencing lately, this will allow you to:

  • improve your listening comprehension
  • easily understand and assimilate Spanish pronunciation
  • enrich your vocabulary

The more you familiarize yourself with how the language sounds, the quicker you will assimilate it. Actually, apart from watching movies and series, you could also listen to Spanish songs and podcasts.

Speak to Native Speakers of The Language

Probably the most difficult thing to do when learning a language online is to find someone to speak it with. However, there are many tools on the internet you can use to virtually meet with native Spanish speakers for a language exchange. The advantage is that you get to speak, listen, improve your speaking skills and, most importantly, speak with a person who will tell you what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right when speaking Spanish. This is exactly what you would get with a teacher, but it’s free! We’ve selected the best sites for a language exchange for you in this article.

Conclusion: Is There an Easy Way to Learn Spanish?

To say that Spanish is easy may be presumptuous. What is easy, though, is finding the right method, which is adapted to you and your lifestyle, and good tools for quickly learning and making progress in Spanish. And don’t forget that motivation, reviewing words, and speaking practice are essential for fast progress.

Need more tools?
You only needed to ask: in this article, you’ll find many resources to learn Spanish. Podcasts, videos, songs, books, etc.; you’ll find an ensemble of tools to help you make progress in the language. And last but not least: you can always download our Spanish travel phrasebook for free for communicating in Spanish.