How to Learn Spanish Quickly

Spanish is one of those languages that is considered easy to learn. Unlike German, for example, which falls into the difficult category. I would even say that by practicing all of these tricks, and by using all or even some of our resources, you are almost certain to speak Spanish in a few months. So, do not lose another minute: it’s time to get into Spanish. Here’s how to learn Spanish quickly. Vamos amigo!

How to Learn Spanish Quickly

Whats Contained on This Page?

Learn Spanish Quickly With Our Four Tips^

In a previous article that talks again about the ease of learning Spanish (compared to other languages), we already gave some great, practical tips to learn Spanish over a short amount of time. To delve further into the subject, here are some new tricks to start practicing today.

apprendre vocabulaire espagnol

Tip #1: Watch Spanish News Channels

Watching information in a foreign language is always a good trick to get your ear properly familiar with the language. In Spanish, this trick is even more valuable. Spanish speakers are known to have a good speech rate on the news … In other words, when listening to general Spanish conversation when first starting to learn Spanish, it’s not always easy to follow the thread of conversation. On the other hand, following news channels is a great exercise to start to familiarize yourself with this speed.

Additionally, many news channels summarize the main news stories under neath with writing that scrolls across the bottom. This will allow you to supplement the talking with written information if you are having trouble understanding it orally. Make sure to take notes as you go along and write down the vocabulary words that you don’t know so that you can learn and recognize them.

Finally, if you are looking for ideas for TV channels, we recommend the DeliCast site where you can access many Spanish TV channels. It also allows you to access Argentine and Mexican channels, in order not to focus on a single accent.

Tip 2: Follow the best free lessons on YouTube^

Saviez-vous que YouTube est un formidable support pour apprendre une nouvelle langue ? Des tas de professeurs, professionnels ou amateurs, se sont lancés dans la publication de vidéos pour vous aider à devenir polyglotte. Avant tout, nous vous conseillons de jeter un œil à notre propre chaîne YouTube sur laquelle vous trouverez de nombreuses vidéos pour apprendre rapidement les langues. Mais il existe également des chaînes spécialisées dans l’apprentissage de l’espagnol.

Did you know that YouTube is a great way to learn a new language? A lot of professors, professionals and amateurs, have created videos to help you become a polyglot. Above all, we recommend you take a look at our own YouTube channel, where you will find many videos to learn languages quickly. But there are also specialty channels for learning Spanish.

To give you a few:

  • SuperHollyVideos is a self declared “bilingual jack of all trades”. Her videos are meant to inspire people to live a creative life with videos on DIYs, stories, tutorials and reviews. The best part is her videos are done in both English and Spanish so you can practice your Spanish while learning interesting things!
  • Check out Dustin Luke’s channel for Spanish language videos. He’s American, but fell in love with latin culture and now loves sharing his experiences in Spanish

By following these YouTube channels, you can enjoy free learning tips and lessons. Watching YouTube videos will also allow you to improve your spoken understanding of Spanish, and learn good pronunciations of Spanish words. This is another simple and effective way to familiarize your ear with the language and to progress at your own pace.

Tip 3: Practice regularly with foreign correspondents

Although it’s important to familiarize one’s ear with the Spanish language, it is equally important to practice the language and work on speaking it. However, if you’re learning a language alone, it can be very hard to practice, speak with people and communicate in the language in general. The good news, is that even if you don’t know anyone personally that speaks Spanish, there are many language exchange sites that allow you to meet people from all over the world who want to exchange in a foreign language. People with whom you can chat in English as well as Spanish, French, Italian, or any other language you wish to learn. This is what you call a linguistic exchange: the idea is really to exchange your knowledge in English against the knowledge of a Spanish-speaking person in his or her language.

Les sites d’échanges linguistiques pour trouver des correspondants étrangers ont des tas d’avantages, mais pour n’en citer que quelques uns :

Language exchange sites to find foreign correspondents have a lot of advantages, but to name a few:

  • They allow you to practice Spanish with a native who is able to correct you if needed
  • You practice your spoken and written expression, according to your needs
  • With your correspondents, you can build bonds of friendship to the 4 corners of the World,
  • You can schedule a weekly appointment with your correspondent to work regularly, and speak quickly!
  • Your vocabulary is enriched considerably in the areas that you want

To get the most out of your first discussions, do not miss our Spanish conversation guide. Download to for free. To find correspondents, do not miss our article which presents you the best language exchanges sites.

how to learn Spanish Quickly

Tip 4: Get organized!^

Last tip, which is essential to your Spanish learning, and especially to quick learning: find and quickly set up good work organization methods. It’s true that this trick may not be as exciting as finding correspondents or learning Spanish on YouTube. But for all of that, this tip is essential if you want to learn Spanish quickly.

Indeed, so that your learning is not in vain and you can continue to always make an effort, it is a good idea to create a routine. Be aware: I’m not telling you to sit behind a desk and read Spanish grammar books all day long. Let us not forget that learning must be fun if you want to remain motivated! But you can, for example, organize your week as well:

  • Monday: learn vocabulary for 10 minutes
  • Tuesday: watch the Spanish news and note the new words heard on MosaLingua cards (and learn them ideally)
  • Wednesday: revise a little!
  • Thursday: chat with your Spanish speaking correspondent, and learn the new words learned through MosaLingua
  • Friday: watch the latest YouTube videos in Spanish, and learn some new words
  • Saturday: revise a little
  • Sunday: watch a movie or a series… in Spanish of course!

This schedule is just an example -if you want to learn Spanish quickly, maybe you should intensify the sessions, but being organized and giving you daily a goal will help you not give up. You will remain motivated over time, especially if you punctue your week of activities with fun like talking with a correspondent, watching a movie or even listening to the radio in Spanish.

By applying these tricks, you will see that you will quickly make great progress in Spanish.

  • They allow you to practice Spanish with a native able to correct you in case of error
  • You practice your spoken or written expression, according to your needs
  • With your correspondents, you can build bonds of friendship to the 4 corners of the World,
  • You can schedule a weekly appointment with your correspondent to work regularly, and speak quickly!
  • Your vocabulary is enriched considerably, in the themes of your choice,

MosaLingua’s Resources to Learn Spanish Quickly^

In recent years in language learning, we have been able to find many good websites on the Internet to learn Spanish for free and quickly. We have all grouped them in a single article in which you will then find: links to websites or YouTube channels specializing in learning Spanish, as well as links to French / Spanish, newspapers, books, exchange programs, etc.

In other words, you will find everything you need on this page to improve both your oral and written comprehension, and your oral and written expression. To go further, we give you appointments on our page of free resources in Spanish.

How to Quickly Learn Spanish

Our Video Tips^

Luca reveals new tips to learn how to speak Spanish! Do not miss these sites, apps to download and other good tips to apply every day.

Our best articles about the Spanish language^

Spanish is a great source of inspiration for us. Thus, we regularly write articles on how to learn Spanish alone or how to find free resources on the Internet. If you missed one of our topics, they are listed here:

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Our Learn Spanish MosaLingua application^

application mosalingua apprendre espagnol

Finally, we could not finish this page of resources to learn Spanish quickly, without introducing (for those who do not already know it) our MosaLingua application to learn Spanish. For those unfamiliar with smartphones or applications, be aware that the web version of this application is available on MosaLingua web. We also offer a special business Spanish app: useful for those considering working in a country or a Spanish-speaking company.

MosaLingua learn Spanish has more than 3,600 cards with words and phrases among the most useful and most used in Spanish. This allows you to focus your learning on terms that you are sure to use frequently, and so you will learn Spanish quickly. To help you learn these lists, our application uses the spaced repetition system. A system whose effectiveness has been proven on several occasions.

You have no more excuses. If you want to learn Spanish quickly, all the cards are in your hands!