The Final List of English Irregular Verbs – Free eBook

It is already September! For some that means heading back to school. While others feel nostalgia for the years spent in a classroom among their peers. However, among the good memories there are some that might leave a bitter taste in your mouth. For instance, the infamously difficult list of irregular verbs that must cross paths with every ESL student likely isn’t a favorite school memory for most. That being said, although irregular verbs are difficult, they are imperative to properly speaking English.

If you are diligent user of our MosaLingua English app, you already know that using it to memorize phrases is a breeze. That is why we decided to publish an e-book containing the final list of the most common irregular verbs in English. You will not find unnecessary words, but only the essentials that will be helpful in everyday situations!



The Definitive List of Irregular English Verbs

This is our hand-selected list of irregular English verbs, so you can rest assured that it will help to boost your speaking and writing without wasting your time on pointless words you don’t need to know or will find too hard. You can combine this with learning English from the Mosalingua application and add the verbs of your choice for your daily review. You will memorize them in no time, no stress needed! You may also find it useful to print the list of irregular verbs and make revision notes to post around your room or office. Get started now by downloading the eBook in PDF format here.

Irregular English Verbs

Happy September and happy learning! Remember that in order to effectively learn English, you should combine this eBook with either our TOEFL or TOEIC apps. Make sure to also subscribe to our newsletter for useful tips and tricks to learn a language quickly and effectively. 

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