We have another language hack to bring you, this time with MosaLingua’s Cedric! He presents his thoughts on regularity and the key to achieving fluency! In this video, Cedric will give you his tips on how to maintain a regular schedule when studying a language. Make sure to follow along with these in order to not lose sight of your goals and to not lose your motivation.

Language Learning Hack

How Regularity Will Make You a Smarter Language Learner (Video)

How Regularity Will Make You a Smarter Language Learner (Transcript)

Hi there! This is Cédric from MosaLingua. In today’s video, I will explain to you why regularity is your ultimate ally in your learning goals and how you can use it to take your memory skills to the next level.

Why do I insist on being regular about your study schedule? Very simple it’s all about repetition! A simple example: we already talked about repetition in our previous video, but I know that if I can keep on repeating it you will eventually remember it. The same goes for language learning.

Our brain needs constant stimulation to store new expressions in long-term memory. The more you repeat the words or expression you’ve learnt, the better you will remember.So the best way to make sure you get all the benefits of repetition, is simply to be regular in your studying. And by being regular, I mean that you have to make sure that you study everyday!

Don’t worry, there is no need to push yourself too much at the beginning, 10 or 15 minutes will do. Just make sure that you stick to studying for a certain amount of time every day. After a month of regularity, you will be amazed to see that created a strong learning habit, and you’ll be ready to do more without losing your precious motivation!