French Phrases: Which to Learn and Which to Forget

We all have memories of our high school foreign language classes and the expressions that our teacher taught us are indispensable if we ever plan to travel. But those of us who have been fortunate enough to do so have probably gotten at least one strange look when testing out these expressions on … [Read more...]

How to be a Better Person: Language Learning’s Ability to Make Us More Tolerant

Learning a new language has numerous benefits that go far beyond simply being able to communicate more easily. Adding a new language to our repertoire can even improve our character and the esteem or respect others have for us. A big factor in the way people perceive us is tolerance. If you are … [Read more...]

Benefits of Traveling–Why You Should Make Traveling a Priority This Year!

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Funny Jokes in Spanish to Help You Laugh Your Way to Fluency

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5 Tips to Travel Abroad

When I travel abroad, I need to make it memorable, and, in my experience, a memorable trip depends on what you make of it. You'll often hear about the best destinations, hotels, restaurants and museums to visit. However, the best thing about a trip is how you manage to create an experience of … [Read more...]

Body Language Around the World

It's well known that we all send messages through body language, however, sometimes it can be easy to forget that each culture has its own gestures. Understanding body language in other countries is a key in managing efficient communication, especially when we have not yet mastered a foreign … [Read more...]

7 Great Reasons to Learn Russian

Ah, Russia. The Red Army Choir, the Red Square, the vodka, the misunderstood alphabet and the famously beautiful women. Russia definitely has soul, albeit somewhat mysterious to foreigners. But how can you enter this interesting, foreign world beyond these stereotypes? By learning the language, of … [Read more...]