Four Remarkable Benefits of Traveling (Video)

If you've been on the fence about taking some time to travel this year, then watch this video on the reasons why we at MosaLingua believe that you should make traveling a priority. Due to the popularity of our recent article on the benefits of traveling, we decided to create a visual aid to go along … [Read more...]

Get Away – By Yourself! Why You Should Consider Solo Travel for Your Next Trip

We all know that traveling in general can have amazing benefits, but have you ever considered taking a trip… alone? If you’ve never gone on a trip by yourself before, the prospect might seem scary. No one (except the strangers in the street) to help you read the map if you get lost… No one to share … [Read more...]

Affordable Travel Destinations Around the World

Itching to get away... but your bank account says otherwise? Traveling can be expensive, but you’ll make memories to last a lifetime, and it can even make you a better person! And besides, not all destinations are created equal when it comes to traveling on a budget. Here are some of our affordable … [Read more...]

Can Learning Another Language Make You A Better Person?

Can learning another language make you a better person? Well, in our opinion, the answer is yes for a number of reasons. Learning a second or third language can actually be beneficial to you both personally and professionally.To begin with, if you can read this you can speak English, and that … [Read more...]

10 Common Spanish Travel Phrases to Know for Traveling

Traveling to a foreign country can be a bit of a sensory overload. Between the new foods, the new culture, the sights, and the smells, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. This is especially the case when you travel to a country where you’re not familiar with the language, as this can leave you … [Read more...]

Easter Traditions in different countries and languages

There are many customs and Easter traditions celebrated around the world. Some customs are similar to each other while some differ greatly. However and wherever you celebrate, Easter traditions are all meant in good fun. Keep reading to learn how people coming from different parts of the world … [Read more...]

Travel to Learn Languages: Where to Learn Italian, French, Spanish and German

 Today we're going to elaborate on a past article in which we gave some pointers on choosing a travel destination to improve your language skills. Below, you will find a list of where you should travel to learn languages. For each language, we will focus on one country and highlight some of … [Read more...]

5 Great Reasons to Learn Italian

When we talk about learning languages, we typically hear of the big three: French, Spanish and German. But there are so many other languages, such as Italian, that can enrich our lives and enhance our language skills. Furthermore, 65 million people throughout the world speak Italian, and it has … [Read more...]

7 Great Reasons to Learn Russian

Ah, Russia. The Red Army Choir, the Red Square, the vodka, the misunderstood alphabet and the famously beautiful women. Russia definitely has soul, albeit somewhat mysterious to foreigners. But how can you enter this interesting, foreign world beyond these stereotypes? By learning the language, of … [Read more...]

Why Travel? The Benefits of Traveling the World and How Anyone Can Do It

Why travel? Have you ever asked yourself this question? For me, traveling is of such importance that I see it as instinctual and necessary. Here are some of the advantages of traveling:Learn LanguagesI won't spend too much time on this, since if you follow our blog, you must already be … [Read more...]

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