What are the sexiest languages ever? Is there one accent or language that sounds more attractive than others? This is not an unusual question, and I bet you have your own answer to it.

Although there are quite a few rankings published online, every single one of them is based on personal opinions or data gathered in a specific countrySo, taking advantage of the fact that our team here at MosaLingua comprises people of 14 different nationalities, we did our own little investigation to determine the world’s sexiest languages… Want to know what we found?

sexiest languages in the world

MosaLingua’s Sexiest Languages Video

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Why Are Some Languages Sexier than Others?

We can’t say that our study was, in any way, conclusive or objective, but at least it reflects the opinions of people from different parts of the world and different cultural backgrounds. So, first of all, what makes one accent more attractive than others?

As you might have already guessed, it’s impossible to give this question a straightforward answer. Like us, you’ve might have thought of at least two ways to answer it.

  • There is, of course, that inexplicable gut feeling that you just have, right? An accent or language is definitely attractive, but you can’t put into words why.
  • And there is also a technical aspect. Meaning that, as some linguistic studies show, most people tend to be more attracted to languages with words that have open vowels, nasal sounds, sibilants, and fricatives, for instance.

Let’s take French as an example. Besides the open vowels that make words as “chérie” and “ami” sound sweet, and the nasal sounds that make words like “bonbon,” “ventre,” and “jambe,” among others, sound smooth, there’s also the famous pouting! It starts as early as your very first interaction, with a “salut” or a “bonjour,” and it’s still there in sentences like “Un bisou, mon chou?” Who dares say it’s not cute?

But, actually, there’s more to our answer than phonemes and pheromones. In our internal research, our team also pointed out cultural and emotional reasons. Cultural, because most of us tend to make connections between a given language and the culture most frequently associated with it. For instance, French and the romantic image most foreign people have of Paris. Emotional, because many of us might connect a foreign language with childhood memories or with a special happy time of our lives. But I’ve also promised you the MosaLingua’s team ranking, right?

Our Ranking of the World’s Sexiest Languages

So, the winner is… well, it depends! Most of us shared a top 3 list and, according to it, four different languages appeared as the number-one pick on the lists that members of our team submitted. In this ranking, French and Italian came second place, since 10% of the votes for second place went to each of these languages. And we had a tie for 1st place between Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. 40% of us here at MosaLingua chose Spanish as THE number-one sexiest language, and another 40% chosen Brazilian Portuguese.

graph showing world's sexiest languages Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish came in first
Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish placed first on the majority of our lists.

But if we look at the languages mentioned at least once as a team member’s favorite (regardless of whether it was first, second, or third on their list), the ranking is a little bit different.

5th place – Russian and German, with 1% of the votes each.

4th place – Spanish and English share this spot, with 15% of votes.

3rd place – Brazilian Portuguese, which won 18% of the votes.

2nd place – French, which was on 21% of our team members’ lists.

1st place – In this general ranking our gold medal winner is… Italian, with 24% of the votes.  

graph showing percentages detailed above of MosaLingua's ranking of the world's sexiest languages
Italian barely beat out French for this ranking’s top spot.

What about you? Is your favorite accent or language among the ones at the top of our ranking? Let us know in the comments section!


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