We’re back with another language hack video! This time it’s to learn Spanish. MosaLingua, co-founder, Luca brings you his personal tips from his own experience learning Spanish.

How to Learn Spanish Quickly

How to Learn Spanish in no Time (Video)

How to Learn Spanish in no Time (Transcript)

“¡Hola a todos!”. This is Luca from MosaLingua. Today I’ll talk about how to learn Spanish quickly and easily. In this video you’ll learn 5 great tips to boost your Spanish.

First: expose yourself to the Spanish language and do it every day for at least ten minutes. No need to  move abroad for that: I personally use filmon.com and rtve.es for TV. Additionally it is a great idea to tune into Spanish podcasts and radio channels! Second: learn targeted vocabulary based on a frequency list.

Our free app includes the most useful words and sentences to speak in no time. Get MosaLingua Learn Spanish right now to get started. In the description below you’ll find the link to download the app.

Third: texting and sending vocal messages is a great way to break the ice. Our tip : get the app Hello Talk to find a language partner to practice. After that start speaking with your language partner as soon as you feel comfortable doing so… but how to find language exchange partners? We tested it for you the best language exchange websites! In the link below you’ll find our personal selection.

Last but not least: have fun with the language. So if you like movies and series, watch original Spanish ones. If you like news or books then read them in Spanish. Pretty much if you like doing anything, then do it in Spanish. By taking these steps you’ll improve little by little and you’ll achieve great results! Trust me: “¡Funciona muy bien!

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