Our MosaSpeak MasterClasses for English, Spanish, and French have been a huge success. In fact, they’ve been so successful that we’ve decided to expand the course offering to German learners! Our newest MasterClass will help you improve every aspect of your spoken German. By the end of the 8 easy-to-follow modules on pronunciation and accent, fluency, and self-confidence, you’ll finally be able to speak your target language. For more info, read on!

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The Speak German with Confidence MasterClass Is Here!

Are you learning German, but still don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to native speakers? Don’t feel ready to start speaking German because you struggle with certain words or sounds? Do you want to improve your speaking skills, pronunciation, and confidence? Don’t know where to start?

Our new course – Speak German with Confidence – can help! It’s designed for independent language learners, and will help you work on every aspect of your spoken German. It can help you feel more comfortable and actually enjoy speaking. You’ll also understand German culture better and get more out of your trips to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and more.

In our course, you’ll focus on what’s most important for improving your spoken German, like avoiding the most common pronunciation mistakes that English speakers make. If you are at all familiar with MosaLingua, you know that we promote learning the 20% of information that will get you 80% of the way to your goal.

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More info about the MasterClass!


Is MosaSpeak German right for me?

The MasterClass will probably be a great fit if you:

    • are at a beginner or intermediate level (A2 to B2)
    • don’t feel comfortable or ready to speak
    • want to focus on improving your spoken German
    • need help gaining confidence and speaking more fluidly
    • and finally, if your main goal is to be able to speak German.

If you:

    • have already reached a high-intermediate or advanced level
    • already speak German confidently and correctly
    • or if your main goal is not to be able to speak German (i.e. if you’d rather focus on reading, writing, or German grammar),

MosaSpeak probably isn’t right for you.


How will the course help me improve my spoken German?

No one can improve their spoken German overnight. So, we designed an 8-module course that walks learners step by step through different aspects of comprehension and speaking. They are organized by priority, so you focus on the right things at the right time. Plus, each module includes tons of practical exercises, videos from our teachers, vocabulary and pronunciation flashcards, techniques and tips to try, and other advice from our German teachers. You’ll also have access to many multimedia resources to practice with. At the end of each unit, a detailed action plan encourages learners to keep practicing.

For more on what you’ll learn in each module, check out our Speak German with Confidence page. See you there!

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