Learning a foreign language isn’t always an easy road. And staying motivated throughout the process can be a real challenge. It’s nice to have a list of practical tips to try when you need to boost your motivation to learn a language. But it’s also helpful to hear from people who have taken this road before. Our team has collected some of our favorite motivational quotes—by language learners, for language learners—that we turn to when things get tough. Stick them up around your home or office and keep pushing forward towards your goals!

Last Updated: 11/22/2023


Motivational Quotes to Keep You Going Strong

Two souls in the same (bilingual) body

Good old Charlemagne! He didn’t just have the crazy idea of inventing schooling in France, but he also knew the importance of speaking a second language.


Is having the ability to speak another language due to having a second soul? Hard to tell. What we can agree on, however, is that speaking a second language gives us a fuller picture of the world.

This just happens to be the subject Panos Athanosopoulos, professor of psycholinguistics at Lancaster University, studies. His whole research is to find out whether our bodies can have two spirits. Well, whether the body of a bilingual person can acquire two different ways of thinking.

The answer?

It seems that learning a second language does allow us to see things in two different ways. A person who speaks both French and Spanish has the ability, for example, to think the way the French think and to think the way Spaniards think at the same time.

This must be equivalent to having a second soul, right?

Motivation, key to successful learning

In other words, the more motivated you are, the more able you are to learn a new language. (You already knew that. 😉)


Many factors come into play when it comes to learning a language.

Actually, in 1989 Bernard Spolsky grouped together what he believes to be the essential factors for learning a new language. They include personality, age, ability… and motivation.

Many researchers agree that motivation has an impact on learning in the sense that it is often the very cause for learning: we learn simply because we want to speak the language. But does it help us achieve better results? It has been proven that strong motivation stimulates learning, it’s what pushes us to work, review, and repeat.

Conversely, as this quote says, experiencing a decline in motivation can make language learning seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

So, how can you be sure to maintain a high level of motivation?

You could write your goals, along with everything you’ll be able to do with this new language, on sticky notes and stick them in different places in your apartment where you’re bound to see them (next to the motivational quotes in this article, for example). Find other tips to stay motivated in this article.

Study, review, study, review


Learning doesn’t end by simply memorizing a lesson by heart. Learning is a long-term project. And that’s the reason why we’re constantly telling you how important it is to review.

According to a report by Pashler et al, regularly accessing information from our memory reinforces it. To go into more detail, extracting information from your memory makes the path this piece of information has to take in your neural network more reliable and faster. Reviewing forms its own path. The more you practice, the quicker the information will come out of your memory until you’re able to extract it effortlessly.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what language you’re learning, what’s important is that you make it last. So, use what you learn, and use it often!

To learn better, learn how to learn

"Learning how to learn is life's most important skill," Tony Buzan. MosaLingua

This quote is perfect for learning foreign languages because to learn a new language, the most important thing to do is to know how to learn

If you don’t already know what it is, take some time to figure out your personal learning style. Then, adapt your methods and practice activities to what works best for you.

The method you use for learning has an impact on your motivation, and on your results. There’s nothing boring about learning a new language—if you do it right! Here at MosaLingua, we steer learners toward entertaining and enjoyable learning techniques.

Here’s some advice:

  1. Start with easy flashcards available in your MosaLingua app. Don’t try to run before you can walk. If you’re just beginning to learn a new language, start with useful words and phrases such as greetings. When you can start putting your skills into practice right away will give you quick wins that keep you motivated.
  2. Create an environment that is favorable for learning: listen to foreign music, watch TV, movies, and series in the language of your choice, or read the news online in your target language. It won’t even feel like learning. Now we’re talking!

Of course, this learning method is just an example. It’s up to you to find one that suits you best.

Speak to learn


To be heard, you have to speak, but that’s not the only thing speaking does… To improve—especially when it comes to learning a language—you have to speak.

In my experience, there are two distinct phases when it comes to the learning process: before speaking and after speaking with, ideally, native speakers. Apart from the pronunciation and intonation, speaking improves listening comprehension, and your understanding of how the language is used (tenses, grammar, word order, etc.).

Have you realized that you find it easier to learn a language once you’ve started speaking with native speakers? It makes sense! Speaking is an example of active practice (vs. passive practice, such as reading), and it speeds up the learning process.

So, how can you find opportunities to use the language?

  • There are lots of language exchange websites out there where you can meet native speakers. These websites and apps allow you to chat with like-minded folks who want to learn your native language.
  • There might even be opportunities right in your hometown! For instance, many universities organize language exchanges with foreign students.


Do you know motivational quotes for learning foreign languages? Pop them in the comments below to motivate other learners like yourself!