Hi guys! This is Luca from MosaLingua. Today I’d like to show you how to use the “bullet journal technique” to be more organized, motivated and achieve better results when you learn a language. Before we get into today’s topic, do me a favor and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Turn on the notifications as well, because like that you will not miss any of our videos.

How to Use a Bullet Journal to Learn a Language? (+ Free BUJO Template)

Bullet Journal

How to Use a Bullet Journal to Learn a Language? (+ Free BUJO Template) (Video)

How to Use a Bullet Journal to Learn a Language? (+ Free BUJO Template) (Transcript)

We have so much great content about language learning! So let’s start from the basics: what is a bullet journal? A bullet journal is a fully-customizable notebook which you can use to plan, track, and organize your goals. It’s a very powerful system to become more productive. Of course if I’m talking about that it’s because I use a bullet journal. So let me show you some examples from my personal bullet journal.

Here you have my general goals for this year, my travel destinations, the books I want to read and so on… You can pretty much use a bullet journal for any kind of activity. In particular I found it very useful to plan and achieve my language goals. Let’s see some examples here. To make it nicer and more visual, here I put the flags of the languages I already speak. Then my language goals for this year. I’m improving my German so I want to achieve a strong b1 level, then during the last quarter of the year I’d like to start a new language which will probably be Japanese. Then I have my weekly goals and my weekly program. In my weekly goals I put some measurable achievement I want to obtain. As I want to learn 200 new words or phrases per month, I have a minimum goal of 50 per week which is per day if exclude the weekend which I used to review. Then I have three dialogues / podcasts in German, one conversation and so on.

The weekly program here is very useful to plan my daily activities. You can see that I have a fixed plan (vocab learning and listening) different activities I alternate every day. So on Monday for example I have some reading and on Friday I usually speak with a tutor. The beauty of this technique is that you can personalize it as you wish. So this is just an example  you can use for inspiration.

After the weekly program we have another important part which is the “language learning tracker”. It’s basically a calendar where you track when you study or not: you can see that in June I was quite regular and apart from two days, I studied every single day. Now some final words to motivate you to try this technique. To get started you just need a notebook or even a sheet of paper. You can personalize this technique any way you want and if you click on the link below you get a free template to print  to start bullet journaling right now. Preparing this video took me a lot of time so if you want help us offer you more free content, like the video and subscribe to our Channel. And don’t forget to turn on the notifications to not miss any of our video. Cheers!