The TOEIC reading section consists of four parts: incomplete sentences, error recognition, reading comprehension and text completion. In our list below, we’ve outlined some of the best tips our researchers have found for taking and studying for the TOEIC’s reading section. If you following these simple ideas, you will be able to build a quick and efficient strategy to tackle this section of the exam.


How to Succeed on the TOEIC Reading Section

  • Check the answer choices first and identify the type of question. Each sentence can differ by the following aspects: vocabulary, context, grammar and structure. Be aware of similar and different examples of each aspect.


  • Scan the content and find out the key words, important phrases and summarize the main idea.


  • Carefully read the headings and titles. They will give you pertinent information you need to know about their respective section. They also show you the structure of the text and where to find relevant information.


  • Determine which answers don’t fit with the question. After following the previous advice, it will be easy to spot the wrong answers.


  • Know any missing words’ parts of speech. Also, focus on the words before and after the blank. They will give you useful information on how the missing word is being used in the sentence. 


These are simple yet effective tip that will save you a lot of time and allow to avoid making these simple common mistakes that will reduce considerably your score.
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