How to Boost Revenue with Corporate Language Training

In the 1960s, there were roughly 7,000 multinational corporations in the world. By 2006, there were nearly 80,000. There's no denying the benefits that can result from globalization. As often is the case, being pushed slightly out of one's comfort zone often contributes to growth! To grow your … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why Learning a Language Can Skyrocket Your Career

Whatever your reasons for learning a language are, it is an undeniable fact that nowadays, knowing a second language is a sought-out skill for companies, and the more skills you have, the more likely you are to find a good job and have a successful career. The reasons for this are many, and although … [Read more...]

How to Succeed on the TOEIC Speaking Section

The TOEIC speaking section aims to evaluate different aspects of your speaking abilities, such as the use of grammar, pronunciation and your proficiency with vocabulary.The TOEIC speaking section consists of 11 speaking tasks:Questions 1-2: Reading a text Question 3: Describing a … [Read more...]

How to Succeed on the TOEIC Listening Section

The TOEIC Listening Section tests you using 4 different formats: photograph-based questions, question-response, conversation-based questions and questions about short talks. For more information about these questions, check our article "The TOEIC exam structure in details".Although these … [Read more...]

How to Succeed on the TOEIC Writing Section

The TOEIC Writing Section will test your ability to convey information in written form, while using grammar and syntax correctly in order to synthesize your response to a given prompt.The writing part of the TOEIC exam is divided into 3 tasks:Writing a sentence based on a picture … [Read more...]

How to Succeed on the TOEIC Reading Section

The TOEIC reading section consists of four parts: incomplete sentences, error recognition, reading comprehension and text completion. In our list below, we've outlined some of the best tips our researchers have found for taking and studying for the TOEIC's reading section. If you following these … [Read more...]

Note-taking strategies for the TOEFL or the TOEIC

Taking notes is a really important skill to master to pass the TOEFL. In every section of the exam, you'll have to take down notes to figure out the main information in the text or lecture. Here are some tips to help turn you into a perfect notetaker.Note-taking strategies for the TOEFL or the … [Read more...]

How to Showcase Your Language Skills on a CV

Sorry, but we need to fill you in on something: The formula "Spanish: Fluent in reading, writing and speaking " doesn't work much with recruiters anymore (the same thing goes with Italian and French, let us be clear). To get hired in today's world, you need to be detailed. So in regards to your CV, … [Read more...]

The TOEIC exam structure in details

This article will this time explain TOEIC exam structure. It stands for the Test of English for International Communications. Its main goal is to test the English skills of professionals who may want to work in an international environment. Some 5 million people take the exam each year, making it an … [Read more...]

Learn Spanish for Work with MosaLingua Business Spanish

We're happy to announce the launch of MosaLingua Business Spanish, a new application for learning Spanish and working proficiently in this language.To celebrate its release, we've prepared a super promotion for you: Download this new app:Download MosaLingua Business Spanish for iOS … [Read more...]