Hi there! It’s Luca from MosaLingua. Today I’ll talk about holidays and why you should use this period of the year to work on your language skills! I know what you’re thinking: holidays are for rest and relaxation. But you know, learning a language doesn’t have to be boring and my mission is to convince you of that! Let’s start with a couple of ideas about how to practice languages during your holidays.


Language and Holidays: Why Holidays Are Great for Language Learners (Video)

#1: Plan a short holiday or weekend in a foreign country.

If you’re learning French, then come to Lyon for a more authentic French experience than Paris. If Spanish is your cup of tea, then go to Madrid, Bogota, Buenos Aires. If you’re learning English many capital cities offer the possibility to practice your English.

#2: Host travelers in your home.

If you don’t have the budget or the time to leave your city, why not to offer up your couch or guest room to people visiting the area where you live? In this video’s description, you will find some websites you can use to invite people from other countries to stay with you. In exchange you’ll be able to spend some time getting to know them and practicing your language skills.

#3: Meet foreigners living in or visiting your city.

As I said, many people travel during the holidays…So if you don’t want to have people stay at your house or if your apartment is too small to host, why not to take a walk around the most touristy parts of your city? Or spend an evening socializing with expats? You’d be surprised how many pubs and clubs full of expats you can find on the Internet.

#4: Use your extra free-time to have fun with the language you’re learning.

You’ll probably have some days off school or work coming up: of course, you need to rest and relax, but why not to try some relaxing activities in your target language? For example: watch movies and series in their original version, read a book in the language you want to learn, listen to foreign-language music…These are only a couple of ideas, feel free to adapt any of your favorite holiday activities to include some language practice.

Bonus: Try new tools and ways to learn

It’s a great idea to take advantage of this downtime to try new tools that could make language learning easier for you. I firmly believe that to learn a language, you cannot rely on just one app, method or tool. To make sure you don’t get bored and to cover every aspect of your target language, you need an app to learn vocab, a platform to speak with natives and so on…Don’t know where to start? I wrote up a little list just for you: Give these tools a try and stick with the ones that are most appealing to you. Learning a language can be fun and we are lucky to have so many possibilities available to us. I’d like to add that during the holidays is usually when we are the most relaxed and open to trying new things, and renewing our motivation. Make sure you don’t miss out this opportunity and if you need some inspiration, you’ll find more ideas for working on your language skills below! That’s all for now – thanks for watching, and before you go, don’t forget to like this video and to subscribe to our channel. Our gift to you is brand new content every week to help you meet your learning language goals! Take care and have fun!