Hi guys! Today I’d like to talk about a book that really changed my life.“The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. My goal today is to explain how the tips included in the book can help you learn a language. Even if you’re busy as I am.

morning routine for learning languages

My Language Miracle Morning: The Morning Routine for Learning Languages (Video)

My Language Miracle Morning: The Morning Routine for Learning Languages (Transcript)

You’ll find plenty of information about “The Miracle Morning” on the Internet and on YouTube. So I won’t spend much time summarizing the book, but basically, the author presents a simple but effective recipe for focusing on the things you love and that matter the most to you.

To achieve this his basic tip is very simple: wake up a little bit earlier and start the day with a series of activities that will help you maximize your day’s potential. In The Miracle Morning you’ll find a series of activities you can do when you wake up such as relax, write in your diary, work out, meditate, read and so on.

But what I really like is that you can personalize this routine however you like. In my case The Miracle Morning has become “The Language Miracle Morning” because one of the main activities. I’ve included in my morning routine is learning languages.

Let me describe my “language miracle morning” and explain how you can benefit from it too. I usually wake up at 6 a.m…. I know it’s pretty early, but you can do the same by just setting up your alarm 15 or 30 minutes before your usual waking time.

The secret here is not to lose any sleep: in my case, instead of going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 7 a.m. Now I go to bed at 11 and I wake up at 6, I wash my face with cold water (this wakes me up) brush my teeth and drink a big glass of water. Then, I meditate for at least 10 minutes and I start my language learning routine, which consists of: reviewing vocab and learning at least 10 new words and phrases with my MosaLingua app, listening to my target language for at least 10 minutes (I use MosaLingua dialogues, podcasts, radio channels and so on). Then, depending on the time I have left, I can read written materials like a book, dialogues or newspapers articles to keep my motivation high and learn something, plus reviewing vocab and learning new words in context.

Watch youtube videos or short series in my target language, practice some auto-conversation (so I speak to myself – my family is still in bed at this point so they won’t think I’m crazy) and chat with native speakers. The language part of my morning routine usually lasts 30 or 40 minutes, while my overall language routine can be 1h or 1h30. After these language activities I like to read (if possible in the target language), work out and practice other activities I’m learning.  It really depends on the day and on when my son wakes up.

So why I’m telling you all this? Just to convince you that if you find it difficult to fit studying languages into your day or you find yourself thinking “I do not have time to learn a language”, you now have an excellent solution. You don’t have to wake up at 6 a.m. or study 30 to 40 minutes every day like I do, but if you wake up even 20 minutes earlier and you study for 10-15 minutes every day, this will add up and make a huge difference after 3 or 6 months (for example you could end up learning 900 words after 3 months, in 1800 after 6 – and that’s huge!) Anyone can do it… So give it a try!

I hope this video will inspire and convince you to try a language morning routine of your own. We posted another video on the channel about how to build habits: watch that one next to find out how to transform your language morning miracle into a strong habit. Thanks for watching! Give us a thumbs up if you liked this video, share it and do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Take care!