Los Mejores Spanglish Songs of All Time

Los Mejores Spanglish Songs of All Time Some beautiful combinations are born when Hispanic and Anglo cultures meet. Tex Mex (tacos and burritos that aren't quite Mexican, not quite Texan, but very delicious) Cinco de Mayo parties with colorful piñatas and refreshing margaritas, and Junot Diaz's … [Read more...]

Learn How To Recognize Different Spanish Accents

If you are learning Spanish then it may be interesting, or even useful, to know how to recognize different Spanish accents. There are a lot of them! In fact, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language on the planet after Mandarin Chinese. So with over 400 million native speakers, it’s no … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Spanish Pronunciation to Sound More Native-Like

Many say that Spanish is somewhat hard to learn for English speakers as opposed to, for example, French speakers. It is true that a Latin language is easier to learn when you already know one, which means that learning Spanish could be quite the challenge for a Chinese person. This doesn't mean that … [Read more...]

The Incredibly Easy Way to Learn Spanish

Spanish is easy? Who says?! You've likely heard that Spanish is simpler than some other languages. The truth is that it all depends on how close your native language is to the one you want to learn, the time available for learning the language and the learning method used. After having demonstrated … [Read more...]

Which is The Best Spanish Accent?

Spanish can be a complex language. Not because of its difficulty, but because of its variety. This language is officially spoken in 21 countries across the globe, but mostly in Latin America. However, all 21 countries don't speak the same Spanish. I would say that they speak different "variations of … [Read more...]

MosaLingua Learning Languages During Sleep Study [Video]

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, MosaLingua is conducting a sleep study with real users to delve into the possibility of learning languages during sleep. The study is based on analyzing whether our users memorize key words and phrases better and more effectively in the language they are learning. To … [Read more...]

Funny Jokes in Spanish to Help You Laugh Your Way to Fluency

Knowing a few funny jokes in Spanish can really come in handy when trying to learn and speak the language. Students  often become confused when they hear jokes or puns. They can get stuck in a misunderstanding when they don’t comprehend the cultural nuances. So, learning a few funny jokes in Spanish … [Read more...]

The Ten Best Spanish Songs to Learn Spanish

Often, the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Spanish music is Flamenco. However, Spanish music has a long history of influence on Latin American music, such as Tango, Bossa Nova and Bolero. Below is a list of some of the most famous Spanish songs of all time and the most famous … [Read more...]

Olympics 2016: 10 Facts You Need to Know About the Olympics

The Olympic games are fast approaching! As the biggest sporting event in the entire world, billions of people will tune in to watch their home country compete in Brazil. Whether you're lucky enough to be able to go see the games live starting on August 5th or you'll be watching them from the comfort … [Read more...]

Survival Guide for the Olympic Games

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro. It will be the 28th edition, as the first Olympics were organized in 1896.  This year's Olympics have many firsts. They will be the first Olympic Games in history to be held in South America. Additionally, despite being the summer games, the … [Read more...]