Have you ever asked yourself, Why should I learn Spanish? You’ve come to the right place: at MosaLingua, we’re always happy to provide reasons for learning a new language! Spanish is a culturally rich and beautiful language that will open many doorways if you decide to learn it. Let’s take a look at ten reasons to learn Spanish.

reasons to learn spanish


Why Learn Spanish?

So you’ve decided to learn Spanish. Woohoo! If you’re going to make rapid progress, there’s one thing that’s more important than anything else: motivation. Keeping up your motivation when learning a language can make all the difference. Fortunately, there are plenty of good reasons to learn Spanish! Here are ten reasons to learn Spanish that will help motivate you on your language-learning journey.

1. It’s widely spoken

This is one of the biggest reasons to learn Spanish: it’s one of the most widely spoken and used languages in the world, and especially in the Western world. More than 500 million people in 44 different countries speak Spanish regularly. This makes it a fantastic language to learn for traveling, as it opens up a huge number of new cultures and countries for you to explore.

If you live in the United Kingdom, Spain is just a stone’s throw away, and for our American learners, most of Latin and South America are Spanish-speaking. Spanish is thus a fantastic language to learn for its simple utility.

Learn Spanish, and your opportunities for new acquaintances and new adventures simply explode.

2. It’s a good move professionally

Most English-speaking countries also have tight economic and commercial ties with Spanish-speaking ones, due to geographical and cultural proximity. This means that learning Spanish can open up a whole new world of professional opportunities for you. We even have a Business Spanish MosaLingua app to help you make rapid progress toward your goals.

Being bilingual is already a huge advantage in general, as you’ll be eligible for more job openings in more places. But Spanish is particularly useful in this regard, thanks to its widespread use and important commercial relationships between Spanish-speaking nations and most others in the world.

Once you’ve learned how to showcase your Spanish skills on a resume, you’ll probably find that employers show more interest.

3. You can easily live abroad

Of course, if you’ve ever wanted to live abroad, both of the reasons above make Spanish a prime candidate for such an adventure. Speaking English already gives you a solid advantage for certain jobs in Spanish-speaking countries, especially in sectors like tourism and banking.

If you’re wondering how to live abroad, a solid base in Spanish, paired with some determination and motivation, is a good place to start. Your dreams of living in Spain, Chile, or Argentina could easily become a reality.

Read about all the different Spanish-speaking countries in the world for some inspo!

4. …Or travel abroad

Or maybe you don’t want to live abroad…but you do want to travel. One of the benefits of speaking Spanish is that it can take you all over the globe! Spanish is the official language of 20 countries, and it’s used as a second language or lingua franca in even more.

Want to enjoy the cosmopolitan food scene of Mexico City? Or trek through the jungles of Costa Rica? Maybe you want to hit the beaches of Mallorca or discover the history lurking around every corner in Lima? Learning Spanish will unlock these adventures for you. 

5. It’s an easy language to learn

Another great reason to learn Spanish is that Spanish is actually one of the easiest languages to learn as an English speaker. There are plenty of similarities with English when it comes to verbs, and the pronunciation is much easier than with French and Italian, and certainly Chinese or Russian!

That’s because Spanish is almost a phonetic language: there are few hidden surprises, like the kind you might find in French.

Number and gender agreements in Spanish are also relatively straightforward, and there are some quick tips you can use to get a handle on it.

For example, most words ending in o are masculine, while most words ending in a are feminine.

All of this means that if you’re looking to learn a new language, and want to start with something approachable and where you can look forward to rapid progress, Spanish is the way to go.

6. It can serve as a stepping stone to learning other Romance languages

If you’ve ever been interested in learning Italian, French, Portuguese, or even Romanian, then learning Spanish will help you reach that goal.

The Romance languages are all descended from Latin, and they have varying degrees of mutual intelligibility, so being familiar with one of them will give you a great base of knowledge to learn the other ones.

For instance, Spanish and Italian have a lexical similarity of 82%, which means that they share many vocabulary words and are even mutually intelligible to a degree. If you learn Spanish, you’ll be well on your way to being a Romance language master.

7. Spanish TV and movies 

There are tons of amazing Spanish movies and TV shows out there—trust me, if you’re not watching them, you’re missing out! Of course, you can always turn on the subtitles.

But being able to enjoy a piece of media in its native language offers a different level of understanding, and if you learn Spanish, you’ll be able to turn off those subtitles and dive deep into the show or movie.

Once you beef up your Spanish skills, here are some recommendations: La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is a super popular Spanish TV show, and Y Tú Mama También is one of my favorite Spanish-language movies.

8. Spanish music is having a moment

It’s a fact that reggaeton music always brings the party. Learning Spanish can help you appreciate and sing along to all the best Latin party hits or Bad Bunny’s latest album. Of course, Spanish music is not just reggaeton: Latin pop, rock, metal, rap, folk, and more make up only part of the vast and diverse Latin music landscape.

And here’s a tip: not only will learning Spanish open up a whole new world of music, but you can also use music to learn Spanish. Turning on some Spanish-language music will help you feel more comfortable with the language and build your comprehension and listening skills. Try translating your favorite Spanish-language song into English for a fun challenge.

9. Learn to dance!

A bonus reason to learn Spanish is to pick up some serious dance skills. Latin styles of dances—like salsa, bachata, merengue, and more—are amazingly fun to learn, not to mention great forms of exercise. Plus, taking dance lessons and going to dance events will help you meet people and make friends. You don’t need to learn Spanish to learn Latin dance, but it’ll help you feel more immersed in your new hobby. 

10. Learning a second language keeps your brain sharp

There are many good reasons to learn Spanish, and one you may not have thought of is the benefit to your brain health. People who speak more than one language can count on enriched cognitive control and less cognitive decline as they age. And the benefits aren’t just for people who learned more than one language in childhood: learning a second language at any age can also reap the benefits. Better memory, visual-spatial skills, enhanced creativity, and more await you on your journey to learn Spanish. 

So, why Spanish? We’ve given you ten great reasons to learn Spanish ASAP. Your next step is to dive right in. ¡Ándale!

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