Languages are above all a matter of passion here at MosaLingua. We truly believe that learning a language can really bring a lot to our lives, and our goal is to help as many people as possible to achieve results in this field.
And after more than 1,500,000 downloads worldwide, we can affirm with confidence that our apps produce results. We are happy to see that the Huffington Post seems to have the same opinion in this article, showcasing MosaLingua among the best apps to learn languages.


It’s not the first time a big media “congratulates” us on our work. Among many others, the Financial Times, Times, Cosmopolitan, Le Figaro, and Corriere Della Sera have previously written about us (see our testimonial page).

But what really matters the most about being among the best apps to learn languages by these publications is not the small feeling of pride we get to savor after so much hard work (we admit it). What really matters is that thanks to these articles more people will get to know and try our apps, and that we will be able to help even more language learners get true results.