There are many tools out there to learn English as a second language, among them are English YouTube channels. They’re not just channels by people who speak English. Each of the channels on our list aims to help people at different levels learn English properly and efficiently. The days when you could only find funny videos of cats or babies are long gone. Nowadays, there are lots of (free) channels available to help you learn English quickly. There are actually so many that you might be wondering where to start! We’ve put together a list of the best English YouTube channels for learners so you can get started right away!

YouTube English

English YouTube Channels for Learners

1. Speak English with Mr. Duncan in England

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  • One of the most popular English YouTube channels
  • Mr. Duncan has been teaching English since 2006 and is the first teacher from England to teach English on YouTube.
  • His videos are creative and his content is relevant. Mr. Duncan also uses humor to make his lessons entertaining.

What to expect? Grammar lessons, colloquial language and jargon lessons, vocabulary used in daily situations (e.g. shopping, fashion, festivities) and even videos about his experience living in China.

2. Real English

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  • Content completely based on real-life situations: the videos star people in real, daily situations. This is very helpful for understanding how English speakers really talk.
  • Considered one of the best practical YouTube channels to learn English with free access to a wide range of lessons.
  • It includes videos with and without subtitles, as well as useful exercises.

What to expect? Interviews with real people talking about themes focused on language learning, grammar lessons, vocabulary used in daily situations (e.g. asking for directions, job interviews, etc.).

3. Rachel’s English

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  • Rachel is an expert in pronunciation and has training in classical music. In each of her videos she brings out her knowledge in singing and pronunciation which is highly beneficial when trying to explain the position of the mouth in order to generate certain sounds in the English language.
  • All videos have subtitles to help learners keep up with the language lessons.
  • Ideal if you’re looking to get rid of your foreign accent and fine-tune your pronunciation.
  • The videos are sorted by themes and contain relevant information regarding rules of pronunciation. You will also be able to practice exercises related to what was taught in each lesson with Rachel.

What to expect? A How-To playlist to learn specific positions of the mouth to generate certain sounds. The Words that Reduce list is for perfecting your listening comprehension and the Real Life list is for having fun while learning how native speakers really talk. You’ll also find a list of specific sounds and combinations of sounds that are difficult for a lot of learners.

4. EF podEnglish

podenglish channel banner


  • Each lesson is short – just 5 minutes long – which makes it easier to memorize the information you learned.
  • The content of the lessons is aimed at both beginners and those who are at a more advanced level.
  • Created by EF, one of the biggest language schools in the world (over 500 schools in 50 different countries).
  • The lessons are well structured and divided into a three-part plan: Watch, Learn, and Try.

What to expect? Grammar lessons, vocabulary, and key phrases for daily situations, such as conversations with family members. It also covers asking for directions, discussing technology, and talking about the weather.

5. BBC Learning English

bbc learning english banner


  • Content developed by the BBC with free access for English learners.
  • Their short videos have lots of well-explained information based on different situations and themes (e.g. grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, music, and interviews).
  • New videos based on a specific theme are posted every day, and there is extra content which is useful to submerge yourself in everyday English.

What to expect? Lessons on perfecting your English learning level with vocabulary, grammar, and new examples of how to react in different situations (e.g. how to decline invitations, how to show discontentment). Also, sketches specifically designed to help you learn English add some flavor to their videos.


Check out these YouTube channels for learning English and see which ones you like best. If there are a few in particular that you really like, subscribe to them so that they’re right in your language toolbox whenever you need them! And don’t forget that there are lots of other tools besides YouTube to study English with, such as TV shows, British English films, music, books, online radio, online news media, and the MosaLingua Learn English app.


There’s more: Use the MosaDiscovery tool to get the most out videos

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By the way, if you aren’t sure which channel is best for you because you don’t know your current level of English, take our quick at-home English quiz:


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