“I’d like to learn English, but I really don’t have the time!”
How many times have you heard this phrase? None of us have spare time, it’s one of the most precious resources of our era. Thus, because of a lack of time, many people decide not to learn English and to postpone it for another time (probably until never). However, even a very busy person like me can find the time. You just need to find a smarter approach and learn without spending too much time. So, how can you find the time to study English? The answer is in this recent video interview I had…

how-to-find-the-time-to-study-english-mosalinguaHow to find the time to study English: you’ll know once you’ve watched this video…

In this 25 minutes interview, among other things, I reveal:

  • The first obstacle to overcome if you want to learn English,
  • What the first steps are in order to learn English,
  • How to manage to “take the time” to improve your English, even if you’re busy,
  • How the MosaLingua apps can be of help,
  • How to become a smart learner and learn how to organize yourself in order to obtain results.

Before leaving you to watch the video, I’d like to quickly present the person who interviewed me.
Christina Rebuffet is an American linguistic coach who specializes in the domain of Business English. Basically, Christina helps people who want to improve their English for work.

She has a YouTube channel called “Speak better, feel great TV”, I recommend you to subscribe to it as she gives many excellent tips which are easy and pleasant to follow.
Christina is actually an enthusiastic user of the German version of the MosaLingua app: she’s the one who contacted us for an interview as she likes our approach, and because she really shares the principles of our method.

Here’s the video


If you’re interested in learning English for work, don’t forget to subscribe to Christina’s channel: you’ll find many interesting videos which will help you progress.
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