Reading Italian books is not the only way to expand your vocabulary in the language. In this day and age, watching videos is a super effective technique for learning Italian. If you find the right ones, they can teach you correct Italian intonation, pronunciation, and a native accent. There are many ways to find Italian videos. Among them are popular YouTube channels curated by expert Italian speakers. They have made it their mission to make Italian accessible to everyone. We’ve put together a list of the best “Learn Italian” YouTube channels!

Last Updated: 12/07/2021


The 8 Best Italian YouTube Channels for Learners

Italian YouTube channels are fun and informative resources for learning the language. But depending on your skill level, your interests, and your personality, not every channel out there will be right for you. Here is a list of our favorite channels. Check them out, and then subscribe to the ones you like best.

1. LearnAmo

learn amo italian yt channel banner silhouette of rome with plane flying learnamo banner

About the LearnAmo YT channel:

  • First up, you’ll be in great hands with Graziana and Rocco, two talented and engaging Italian teachers. They also happen to be two of the top Italian YouTubers! We love how clearly they speak, and how easy their videos are to understand.
  • We especially like their video about Italian Gestures, a hot topic since body language is so important in Italian culture!
  • If you’re interested in learning about Italian grammar, they have three great playlists. They break down the grammar that you should know at each of the CEFR level groups (A1-A2, B1-B2, and C1-C2). If you don’t know your level in Italian yet, you can test it with this handy video on their channel!


2. Italy Made Easy

italy made easy banner

About Italy Made Easy:

  • If you’d like to get a chuckle in while learning Italian, then Italy Made Easy is for you! The Italian teacher behind the channel, Manu, makes funny Italian videos designed for beginners.
  • They include topics ranging from Learn Italian Pronunciation to Safety and How to Avoid Weird Situations in Italy.
  • If you want to take your Italian to the next level then you may also want to check out Manu’s advanced lessons and webinars. They are available on his website for a small fee.


3. Italiano Automatico

learn Italian with YouTube channels like Italiano Automatico

About Alberto’s YouTube channel:

  • Our next favorite YouTube channel to learn Italian is Italiano Automático. Content is aimed at intermediate learners of the language and is ideal for learning how to speak Italian.
  • Video lessons with English and Italian subtitles break from traditional learning methods. In an entertaining and different approach, Alberto shares the learning techniques he himself has used.
  • For his series of street interviews, try and understand at least 70% of the content. Listen to the conversations as many times as needed (from 5 to 15!). But most importantly, enjoy the process!


4. Learn Italian with Lucrezia

learn italian with lucrezia

About the Learn Italian with Lucrezia YouTube channel:

  • Learn Italian with Lucrezia is one of our favorite Italian YouTube channels. Partially thanks to Lucrezia’s fun, creative spirit. And partially because of her extremely helpful lessons for both intermediate and beginner learners!
  • Check out videos like Friends, Food and Yoga and Passato Prossimo: Choosing the Right Auxiliary Verb. As you can see, Lucrezia’s YouTube channel is very diverse. She covers tons of subjects, from Italian culture to food to verbs.
  • A lot of Lucrezia’s videos are vlogs, which feel very personal and give viewers a unique perspective on an Italian person’s life. These are totally in Italian (with Italian subtitles if you need them), so they are best for intermediate and advanced learners.


5. Weilà Tom

weilà tom italian youtube channel banner

About Italian YouTuber Weilà Tom (formerly Tom Txxytu):

  • Next up, Tom’s YouTube channel is full of helpful videos for both English speakers who want to learn Italian and vice versa. That’s what makes his channel so unique.
  • Additionally, he has created plenty of vlogs that he’s coined TomVlogs. They’re a fun way to learn Italian just by following along with Tom on his various adventures. Check out videos like Tips for Speaking Faster in Italian and Tom’s Favorite Italian Songs Playlist.
  • Did you know that “weilà” is an Italian slang greeting?


6. Learn Italian with

aprender italiano con canales de YouTube

About ItalianPod101 and how the podcast differs from the YouTube channel:

  • This channel has a series of lessons to help you perfect your Italian skills. It mainly features videos about Italian listening comprehension. There are exercises to help you measure your progress and review what you learned at the end of each lesson.
  • The content of the channel is quite well organized. In one video series, there are lessons to learn vocabulary with images. We think this technique is pretty helpful for memorization.
  • In the pronunciation lessons, you’ll learn about the most common mistakes students of the language make. And of course, how to avoid them! Plus, learn how to recognize subtle pronunciation differences only native speakers make.


7. One World Italiano

one world italiano learn italian with YouTube

About One World Italiano:

  • Lessons are aimed at basic (A1), pre-intermediate (A2), and intermediate (B1) levels. All video content is in Italian. This makes it a good challenge to perfect your listening comprehension skills in Italian.
  • The videos are entertaining, different, and updated regularly. Veronica is the main actor in the videos. She and her team founded a language school in Cagliari and share some lessons on this YouTube channel.
  • The content of the channel is extensive. Explore lessons on everyday vocabulary and how to perfect your Italian pronunciation.


8. Dolce Vita

dolce vita italian banner

About the Dolce Vita YouTube channel:

  • Last but not least, this is another one of the best Italian YouTube channels. It makes learning Italian a cake-walk because you’ll have so much fun doing it!
  • This channel is a go-to if you want to interact naturally with native Italians and get to know their culture. Both hosts of this channel, Luca and Marina, make learning about Italian culture and language fun and lighthearted!
  • Check out the basics, like Months in Italian, as well as fun videos on Italian culture. They even have some cooking tutorials in Italian, such as How to Make Eggplant Parmesan (Melanzane alla Parmigiana).

Other Ways to Improve Your Italian Listening Skills

Watching Italian YouTube channels can be an entertaining and educational activity that doesn’t really feel like learning. In addition to YouTube, here are some other resources you can add to your language routine if you want to improve your Italian listening comprehension:


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What did you think of this list of the best Italian YouTube channels for learners? I hope that learning Italian with these channels makes you want to broaden your knowledge of this beautiful language. Don’t forget to download the MosaLingua app for learning Italian. It’s ideal for expanding your vocabulary and improving your grammar skills efficiently, and while having fun. And for more videos about the beautiful Italian language, subscribe to the MosaLingua YouTube channel. Hope to see you there!