Have you been studying English for quite a while now, but still feel like you aren’t always understood when speaking to natives? There could be an issue with your pronunciation that is hindering communication. Or maybe you’ve just started learning and want to make sure you are memorizing the correct pronunciation. After all, it’s much harder to unlearn bad habits than to form good ones in the first place! Look no further: our English pronunciation guide is here! Even better, it’s free!

English pronunciation guide

What we are offering

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide just for you. First, the guide outlines why it is so important to have good English pronunciation. Hint: it goes beyond just being understood. It goes on to explain why pronunciation can give learners trouble, which has nothing to do with you “being bad at English.” Then it helps you choose whether to commit to a British or American accent. And finally, what English pronunciation guide would be complete without loads of tips, tricks, methods, and resources to help you along the way?

American English Pronunciation videos

In addition you’ll find our videos with the best tips to improve your pronunciation. Take a look at what our Alizah prepared for you:

4 Useful Tips to Sound More Native

10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY 

There will be other videos to improve your American English Pronunciation, so subscribe to our YouTube Channel right now!

And That’s Not All!

To take your pronunciation and conversation practice to the next level, sign up for our Speak English with Confidence MasterClass. The class includes sound recognition exercises, vocal training, tips for overcoming stress and anxiety related to speaking English, and so much more. Add on the optional personalized coaching package for an even more in-depth learning experience. For the time being, the English MasterClass is available for French and Italian speakers. We are in the process of adapting it for others, so be sure to check back again soon if your language isn’t offered yet!